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how to fade my acne scars?

Last year I had a bad case of acne which left me with a lot of scars. Is there any miraculous product out there (high end or low end) which can may be fasten the fading?????? I have combination and acneprone skin. PLEASE HELP!!!!!!

Re: how to fade my acne scars?

hi @mborne,


I have been looking into the same stuff.  I have recently come across RetinA and have read many, many reviews on it on "makeupalley".  You just google makeupalley and retinA and it will be like the first site.


 I'm not sure if you would want to try a prescription medication of RetinA.  I had recently just put up a post about RetinA asking people who have tried it and what their results were.  Here is the link:


RetinA Is a long-term commitment basically, in order for you to see results you have to keep using it based on your derm's or doctor's instructions.  The first few weeks may not be great, but in the end I heard is worth it.  I am considering to get a prescription and try it out.  I get random breakouts and have acne scars.  I read from RetinA your scars can be reduced, meaning it fades but it may still be there just less visible.


I hope this helped a little.  If you want to ask me anything please let me know. Thanks!Smiley Happy

Re: how to fade my acne scars?

Someone told me that neosporin works or acne scars, so I tried it and it really does work. It aslo helps if  you have current acne to prevent it from scarring. Now it doesn't completely get rid of scars but it does minimize and its super cheap. I've also heard that Mederma works, haven't tried that yet.

Re: how to fade my acne scars?

thanks ntailor and heartsmilez for your valuable insights. Smiley Happy Are there any cosmetic, easily accessible options that I can may be pick up from Sephora or similar places?? How about  may be Diorshow serums (I am giving just one example because I heard it somewhere) etc?????

Re: how to fade my acne scars?

If you want to try something natural, I would recommend Caudalie Vinoperfect Radiance serum.  This serum will accelerate the fading of your acne scars with daily use.  You should notice results in 4-6 weeks, and it should not cause any breakouts.  You don't need to take any precautionary steps with it.  You use the serum after you cleanse and before you moisturize.  For faster results, you can use it both day and night.




A more aggressive option is to use a produce containing hydroquinone such as Murad Post-Acne Spot Lightening Gel.  This product contains 2% hydroquinone and you will notice results fairly quickly.  With hydroquinone you need to stay out of the sun and wear an SPF 30 daily, even if you are indoors, because it makes your skin photosensitive.  You would use this product at night after cleansing and before moisturizing. There is another Murad product that is very similar but has ingredients to accelerate your results.  It is the Murad Rapid Age Spot and Pigment Lightening Serum. 







Re: how to fade my acne scars?

No Joke the neosporin really does help keep the scarring from getting worse while you have really bad blemishes. Also I have started getting red light therapy facials and they also help to fade the scars but it takes a long time to see results. 

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