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good mask for my skin

in august i got a job at a movie theatre. i work in the concession stands and repeatedly have butter splattering all over my face. i used to have somewhat acne prone skin, nothing too horrible, but now after four months my face is breaking out worse than ever. last month i got a clarisonic pro for myself and use it almost every day. i use it with the bliss fabulous foaming facial wash and then after i use the murad active radiance serum and my cetaphil (i cannot spell for my life) moisturizer. i have noticed a few changes but im still breaking out horribly. i think i need to start doing masks once or twice a week but im not sure which. i have some dry patches but most of my face is oily and acne prone.

Re: good mask for my skin

Hi Applejez-


Oh no, I didn't realize that happensSmiley Sad Try using a product that contains salicylic acid which, kills acne causing bacteria. I think that the Murad Time Release Acne Cleanser will be a good product for you. As the name states, it releases acne fighting ingredients throughout the day!


Murad - Time Release Acne Cleanser


Another great ingredient for acne is sulfur. I suggest the Dr. Dennis Gross Clarifying Colloidal Sulfur Mask, which is an over night mask.


Dr. Dennis Gross Skincare - Clarifying Colloidal Sulfur Mask


Another option is the Murad Clarifying Mask. It is a clay based mask that will help draw out impurities.


Murad - Clarifying Mask



<3 Melissa

Re: good mask for my skin

i have to use a cream hair remover on my face every two weeks. which probably doesnt help with the acne cuz it always feels like its clogging my pores. ill look into one of those three. thank you

Re: good mask for my skin

You are very welcome, I hope it works out for you!
<3 Melissa

Re: good mask for my skin

Even though I want to recommend masks with sulfur, like Murad and DDF, they can be drying and difficult to remove. I currently use this one mask from Target called Boots Conditioning Mask, and it works so well for oily skin with dry patches. The mask is easy to remove, and it won't leave your skin feeling tight. I've had that experience, where I'll have to rush to get my moisturizer when my face hasn't dried off yet because the sulfur dried up my skin so much. Plus, this mask is under $10! I hope this helps and good luck!

Re: good mask for my skin

The boscia luminizing black mask clears out pores and dissolves impurities for a super complexion. Hope this helps!

Re: good mask for my skin

mmmm, couple of ideas.


1. Bliss fabulous foaming facial wash. As I recall it, it's more of a gel wash with some granules, kind of exfoliating cleanser? You don't want to use anything that contains scrub/physical exfoliants with Clarasonic, or the combination of the brush and grains may irritate your skin.

2. You can try a double cleanse: an oil cleanser to first wash off the dirt, oil, makeup from the day, then a gel/milk/cream/foaming cleanser to really deep clean your skin (use with clarasonic here). Double cleanse is very common in east asia.

3. I've used and enjoy both Murad Clarifying Mask and Origins Charcoal Mask. Murad is a tad more drying and crumbly while Origins tingles and is not as drying. Both help pull the gunk in your skin out and, since they are in tube and not jar form, won't dry out before you finish them.

4. Not sure if it works, but wear primer during the day? primer is suppose to be like spackle for your skin and prevent make up from sinking into the pores/lines, it should also prevent dirt/butter from sinking into your skin? You can also try freshen up with a cleansing wipe during lunch etc.

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