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foundation samples?

Hi everyone! My nearest Sephora store is 2 hours away and I was just wanting to know if anyone knew if you were able to go get shade matched and take a few different foundation sampled home to try because I don't know which foundation my skin will end up liking and I don't want to spend all that money on one that I end up hating. Thanks for the help!

Re: foundation samples?

Maybe call that Sephora and let them know that you are coming and why?


They usually let me have 3 samples if I purchase something.


I had times when certain employees treat me like Im a scrounger for asking for samples and others (the ones who know me and have seen my spending via the Beauty Insider points) know that I am not there just for free samples but to really try the products in order to see if I want to purchase. 



Re: foundation samples?

yes they give samples, sometimes they give a lot like you can use it 3-4 times.

Re: foundation samples?

Absolutely, the beauty associates are usually very eager to help, and have even suggested shades in other foundations I haven't looked at to help me find a good match! Like redrose04 said, they usually have enough product to try a couple days in a row to really see how your skin handles the brand.

Re: foundation samples?

They definitely should be able to give you samples.  Talk to them about what type of coverage you want and what you skin type is like so that they can hopefully give you a better shot at finding something that works with your skin as well as your color.  If you end up at the store when it's not busy and you go without foundation on, they might even have time to apply something (if you want) so that you can get some sense right there if it's even worth taking a sample or if you want a different sort of coverage.


In addition to taking different brands, if you think you like something but they aren't quite certain on the color, see if they can give you more than one shade of what really interests you.  The light in the stores can be really bad sometimes, and what looks good in the store might look really strange in other lighting.


Also, let them know whether you expect your skin tone to change much with sun exposure. You may find you need more than one shade depending on your skin and how much your skin color changes during the year.  (I'm assuming you're wearing a good SPF, of course, but some people can really change during the year anyway.)

Re: foundation samples?

Thank you guys so much for your replies!I will def do all that was suggested. I always have such a tough time finding fondation cuz I have very oily skin and scars! So I am def excited to try the different ones out 

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