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eye cream to plump under the eyes hollowness

I have underye circles and some fine lines..  but also more important concern is the "hollowness"  under the eyes they are so deep. are there any eyecreams that will plump up the thin skin under my eyes. 


I know what you mean about that certain area that depress...

I know what you mean about that certain area that depresses more and makes it look like a dark circle even though there isn't much darkness present.  That hollowness can be tricky...


There are eye creams that "plump" lines from within so it may have a slight beneficial effect on the hollowness because it is working from the inside out.  Dior Capture R60/80 is well known for plumping the skin from within to promote firmer smoother skin around the eye area.


Lancome High Resolution Refill 3x is another eye cream that plumps and builds collagen and elastin.  This may help with the hollowness as well.

A great trick is to use 2 different colored concealers to make the hollow look more full.  Use a concealer one shade darker than you would normally on the puffy area or area that is more full.  Then, use a lighter brightening concealer (with a pink, peach or apricot tone depending on how deep your skintone is) just in the hollow of the under eye.  Don't blend these together, but rather press them into the skin leaving the different colors strategically placed.


The darker area should appear pushed back slightly and the hollow with the lighter concealer should appear fuller and more forward.  This should result in less difference between the two areas thus a more smooth under eye area.


I hope that helps,





Re: I know what you mean about that certain area that depress...

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