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eczema scars

I have really bad eczema scars on the back of my legs and thighs. I really want to get rid of them and I know they cant go away but I would definitely like to get them to fade away. I have tried many home remedies and products but nothing seems to work. What would you recommend? The scars make me feel real self-conscious wearing shorts, or skirts so I think its time to make a change for my body. Please help ASAP! Im tired of hiding my legs in like 90 degree weather!! Thanks. 

Re: eczema scars

I do not have eczema, but my daughter does.  I do scar easily, though.  We have found some success with Josie Maran Argan Oil products.  I recently purchased the Infinity Cream for both Amber and myself and it has been amazing.  However, I got a 100% Argan Oil freebie with my last Sephora order and I was stunned at how well it healed spots for me with almost no scarring whatsoever AND it seems to have lightened some old scars.


My scars are usually not permanent, but I do take > 6 months to heal, so if there's such a thing as pseudo-scars?  There's also a tiny bottle that sells for only $14 so maybe worth a shot.


Good luck.

Re: eczema scars

Hi HMNewbie,


The Argan Oil is a great option to help heal and improve your skin Smiley Happy  We also carry the Kate Somerville D-Scar Diminishing Serum, however I would suggest contacting your physician to make sure it wont irritate your skin further.  

Kate Somerville - D-Scar™ Scar Diminishing Serum


xo, Mia

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