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concealer pencils

I used to use Cliniques acne solutions concealer pencil and they discontinued it, Do you know of anything similiar?


Re: concealer pencils

Do you want something with acne-fighting ingedients or just a pencil concealer? While I know that Murad carries a concealer that helps with acne, it's horrible at concealing. I know that Urban Decay has a concealer pencil, which might yield better results even though it might not necessarily fight acne. I hope this helps and good luck!

Re: concealer pencils

I've had pretty decent luck with the Murad concealer, though it's not the absolute best quality concealer out there, it's creamy enough to apply easily. I found that "dabbing" to blend it out really helps!


The UD one is super creamy and easy to apply, even creamier than the Murad one. 


Shiseido makes a concealer/corrector pencil, it has the consistency of a hard wood pencil rather than a creamy formula put into pencil form. It's not an acne fighter though. 


Maybelline used to make an acne concealer pencil that I loved, it was super thin and easy to carry with for touch ups or emergencies. Bourjois made one as well (it can be tracked down on eBay for about $5 or $8 and I really like that brand (sad that the US stopped carrying it).

Re: concealer pencils

Hi Sheba,


I second the Murad Acne Treatment Concealer!  Any product that conceals & heals at the same time is absolutely awsome in my book Smiley Happy  I think the acne fighting ingredients make it a little less creamy, but stipling it, rather than rubbing it in, will give you great coverage.

Murad - Acne Treatment Concealer


xo, Mia

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