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concealer for puffiness/bags under eyes

I wonder if there is any concealer that can reduce the appearance of bags/puffiness under the eyes. I am looking for a liquid but non greasy concealer.How light/dark should it be from the shade of foundation? 

Re: concealer for puffiness/bags under eyes

Hi Fatimamummy! I would recommend looking into the Marc Jacobs Beauty Remedy Concealer Pen. Smiley Happy  The steel-tipped applicator feels great when you're applying it to the eye area and that, along with the formulation of the actual concealer, is going to help reduce puffiness.  It's really really soothing. Let me know if you need help finding a shade! 





Re: concealer for puffiness/bags under eyes

Thanks Kevin.


Re: concealer for puffiness/bags under eyes

Are you doing something to treat your puffiness? I've found that it's best to look for longer term solutions for it rather then just "concealing" it. The Concealer Pen Kevin mentioned is a good one, but you may want to look into an eye treatment that will help reduce the puffiness and bags over time. Algenist makes a nice product line for this; it's their Firming and Lifting line. There is an eye gel that works well. My favoite is the Nude Advanced Renewel Eye Complex. It's probably one of the best products I've used. I notice a difference when I don't use it. I'd start there. Good Luck. 

Re: concealer for puffiness/bags under eyes

Thanks Mrsbaine, Currently I'm using Lancome  high resolution eye refill-3x at night and shiseido Ibuki eye correcting cream during the day time.I have heard good things about nude and since it's sample is now available,I'm waiting for it to arrive with my parcels next week, I'll see how I like it.

Re: concealer for puffiness/bags under eyes

In terms of looking to diminish the appearance of puffiness/bags with concealer, you will want to keep in mind the formulation of the concealer being used, application technique, and even prior prep with skin care products for the eye to alleviate the issue.


Since puffiness and bags are considered more of a textural issue, tackling them with a surface with a color-based product won't alter the texture itself. Playing with using a slightly lighter shade of concealer (1-2 shades lighter typically) can help detract from shadows caused by the problem and help to not make the area not look any darker. If you're working with richer or thicker textured concealers such as a cream or a potted concealer, be sure the product is fairly warmed up (apply a touch to the back of your band with a brush and work with product from there so it's warmed with your body heat) to ensure it's not too thick as you apply it. If you're working with a thinner, more emollient concealer, such as a liquid, be sure to give proper time to have layers dry down if you build up on coverage. Learning to work with formulas properly will ensure caking will be kept to a minimum and won't enhance the problem spots even more when set.


Products with a metal tip or roller ball help to provide a cooling sensation that can help take down puffiness (like putting an ice pack on swollen part of the body) and the roller balls even provide a boost in microcirculation to help promote drainage of fluid retention which may be a contributing factor for puffiness. 


Clinique, Garnier, Origins, FAB, and Ole Henriksen all make roller ball eye treatments to help ease puffiness and are packed with soothing ingredients and some also contain caffeine, which is a diuretic to promote fluid drainage as well and in turn helps to tighten and firm puffiness/bags.


The above thread covers concealing basics, everything from neutralizers/correctors, formulation differences for concealers, application tips (the specific user did ask for assistance with bags so the mini tutorial for concealing should help for you too), and even incorporates the use of highlighters/illuminators to help brighten the appearance of the undereye area.




Re: concealer for puffiness/bags under eyes

Do you have a beauty blog? if not, YOU SHOULD START ONE! I think you'd have tons of readers Smiley Happy

Re: concealer for puffiness/bags under eyes

Haha, amazingly I don't have one! Thanks for the support, Andy! 

It may be something for me to look into, I've gotten suggestions for it before, I'm just happy what I do here in BT can be of help! Smiley Very Happy

Re: concealer for puffiness/bags under eyes

Thanks lylysa, I'm for sure going to look into your suggestions.

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