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clarisonic brushes

Does anyone really notice a difference between using the different types of brush heads? I'm coming lose the the end of two months and need to get a new brush, but I'm wondering of there really is much of a difference to your face than when you feel it with your hand (because when I first felt them, I didnt feel a difference).


Thank you for any and all of your help! : )

Re: clarisonic brushes

Hi Shaniceee,


While you dont immediately feel the difference in the brushes, I can tell you for sure there IS a difference!  When I picked up my first replacement, I wanted to get my skin super clean & opted for the "deep cleansing" brush heads instead of the "sensitive" that it came with.  BIG MISTAKE on my part!  The brushes were too harsh for my skin & it actually broke me out.  I've switched to the acne or sensitive heads and havent had any problems since.  Definitely stick with your skin type Smiley Happy 


xo, Mia

Re: clarisonic brushes

Thank you so much for your help! I've heard that the Deap Cleansing brush head does a better job get the side of the nose, does the acne one do that as well? Because I've noticed that my pores around my nose and the crease between my bottom lip and my chin are still not quite as clean looking as I would have expected the Clarisonic to get them. Is there a method to getting pores cleaned out better or does it take some time?


Re: clarisonic brushes

You can actually pop out the inner ring of your brush head to get those areas really well! Like, if you use the acne brush head, the green ring pops out and you can snap it into your clarisonic without the outer ring. Sephora recently posted about this on their facebook page if you need a picture to explain it better. Hope I helped! Smiley Happy xo

Re: clarisonic brushes

I actually saw that recently! And it actually does a good job of getting those tough areas?

Also, what's really the biggest difference between the sensitive and the acne brushes? I feel like I need a little bit more exfoliation, but I don't want to choose something that's going to be too hard on my skin.

Re: clarisonic brushes

The acne brush does a bit more deep cleansing than the sensitive, since it is made to help clear acne/clogged pores.  I'd pop the outter brush out & just use the inner deep cleansing portion from the acne brush for a deeper clean Smiley Happy

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