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can i still return this?

so basically i bought the benefit 'how to look best at everything' kit. And I transfered the foundation inside to another container so the original container is now empty. But then I used this foundation twice I found out that I hav serious allergic reactions to it, my face turned all nasty and stuff. The other things in the kit I used for a few time only. Can I still return this kit? Even if the original foundation container is empty? I can bring her my other container to show her that I didnt use much of the product, I only used it twice.


Re: can i still return this?

I would say if you can transfer the foundation back to the original container that would be your best bet but I do not see why you wouldn't be able to take it back in it hasn't been to long and since you had a allergic reaction to it. I would call your local sephora though first

Re: can i still return this?

Hi ktlaaamx,


I would recommend contacting your local Sephora to discuss this with them in more detail, but it shouldn't at all be a problem to return it Smiley Happy.

Whimsically yours,
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