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brazilian peel alternative?

I love Brazilian Peel, but it's out of stock. Any alternate suggestions?

Re: brazilian peel alternative?

I love the Brazilian Peel too!  I've found the Perricone MD Blue Plasma to have the most similar effects on my skin.  It's about $25 more expensive than the other one, but it will also last you longer and is slightly more gentle.  


Happy Hunting!


Re: brazilian peel alternative?

Just ordered it- thanks!

Re: brazilian peel alternative?

Hi D4daniela Another comparable option is the Ole Henriksen Power Peel™ Professional Spa Grade Kit. It's a 3 step treatment that really gives fresh from the spa results.

Re: brazilian peel alternative?

This one is my favorite.  I know it was a better deal when it was in the jars, but I can only use it once every few months so the packets are great!

Re: brazilian peel alternative?

I LOVE the Dr. Dennis Gross Alpha Beta Peel.  I use the extra strength formulation.  I find it very effective and it doesn't cause me any discomfort.  I believe it comes in a small size so you can try it.  I use the pads that come in foil wrap instead of the jars.  I believe the ingredients remain more effective and stable when they are not constantly exposed to light and air.

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