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best foundation for acne-prone skin

I've been using MakeUp Forever Water Blend for the last few years. It's worked okay, but over the last few months my skin has been more oily than ever before and I've had frequent breakouts. My dermatologist suggested changing my makeup.  Any advice on other brands that could help reduce blemishes or make my skin less oily?


Thoughts on Giorgio Armani's Power Fabric or MakeUp Forever's Ultra HD or Tarte's Rainforest of the Sea, of Dior's Forever Perfect Foundation?



Re: best foundation for acne-prone skin

Hi @jem123456


If you're looking for something to help reduce blemishes or make your skin less oily I'd definitely recommend looking at skincare rather than makeup. 


Often times skin gets oily because of a lack of hydration. If you happen to be a youngin' (as my dad would say Smiley Wink ), oil production can also be higher due to hormones and what not! 


Can you let us know what steps and products (if you can) you're currently using? I'd love to make some recommendations for additions to your routine! 


Re: best foundation for acne-prone skin

Hi Marieke,


Thanks for your response. I use mainly Dermalogica products: the cleanser, the overnight clearing gel, and the breakout preventing clay. I use an RX from my dermatologist: clindamycin phosphate topical gel. And I use Neutrogina's Light Therapy Mask. As far as skincare products go, I think I'm all set. But if you have any suggestions that would be great!


For makeup, I should clarify that, I'm not looking for a foundation that will cure acne - but one that won't irritate my skin or bring on more breakouts. Any recommendations on that front?

Re: best foundation for acne-prone skin

Hi I have very oily skin and was struggling with lots of acne. I suffer from hyperpigmentation as well and literally tried every product sometimes making it worse. I finally decided to ask for Tri-Luma from my dermatologist and it helped lighten up my acne scars and hyperpigmentation tremendously. I am now on .05% trenitoin for maintenance instead of tri luma (you can only do it for 6 weeks). I use the peter thomas roth irish moor mud mask and spot treat with his sulfur mask. For moisture I have been using Maracuja oil from tarte. I use the bare minerals 50 spf prep step daily to prevent worsening hyperpigmentation or recurrence. As for foundation, I use Tarte's rainforest of the sea if I am going out. Otherwise I spot conceal with their aquacealer and use laura mercier transluscent powder over it. I hope this helps!

Re: best foundation for acne-prone skin

If you derm is satisfied with your using Dermatolgica products (personally I had some irritation from some of them and stopped using), have you tried an oil controlling primer under foundation?  I have great luck with Becca Ever Matte primer. But a word of caution, it doesn't play well with heavy silicone-based foundations and there's a learning curve with application - you must warm it between your fingers and gently pat it on; if you try to spread it on, it will be too thick and leave a whitish residue.  I am very pale, so even when I mess up and get a residue it's barely noticeable.


If you like full coverage makeup, I have been happy with Lancome Tient de Idole.  I didn't have any luck with MUFE Ultra HD and I haven't tried the other's you mention but the Tarte Rainforest is on my list.  I like to have options!


Re: best foundation for acne-prone skin

Just chiming in on the Power Fabric: I hated it! I have oily skin, acne prone, and larger pores on cheeks. 

This foundation is NOT full coverage. Medium-high at BEST: my red acne scars (fresh to 1 month old) do no get covered while using it.

This also emphasizes textures, even those I did not know I had. Almost makes my skin look dry, which is strange cuz even matte foundations dont do that.

I also dont find it to be very long lasting. It tends to separate around my nose and lip area, and it does settle slightly in my smile lines. 

Re: best foundation for acne-prone skin

I love the water blend as a primer with the MUF Mat velvet as the foundation. A little goes a long way and it really matifies the skin. 


I've struggled with  my skin for quite some time and have worked closely with my dermatologist but didn't really start to see an improvement until I studied holistic nutrition and went to a naturopath. Your diet has a lot of influence and it is usually hormonal. I would suggest a low GI diet and removing items such as gluten and dairy. I would be happy to assist you further with this - reach out if interested


Best of luck, Julie :-) 

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