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YSL foundation and conclealer question & help with my skin; it gets red so easily lately

I recently purchased YSL ANTI-CERNES - Multi-Action Concealer in 1-Ivory Beige and YSL Le Teint Touche Éclat Illuminating Foundation in Beige 10.


It took the lovely sales associate who was helping me almost two hours to help me find the right shade of foundation/BB cream/CC cream/ tinted moisturizer; basically anything to find a color. We finally landed on the YSL Beige 10 and another line that I can't remember at the moment, but it was just a bit darker than me. It might not have been the worst idea to go with that one.

Anyway, I'm still trying to like the YSL foundation, it makes me so pale and it kind of shows a texture on my face that was never as noticeable with the Laura Mercier TM I was using before. I had that in Nude, and unfortunately it's been too dark and orangey on me for a very long time. Changing makeup is so difficult for me.
The color of the foundation mostly matches me, there's a chance it's the slightest bit too pale, but I was thinking maybe a lightly tinted powder would help with that. So I look a little more alive.
The concealer is pretty good I think. I used to use Laura Mercier's camo pot, but I've been out for so long I can't really make a fair comparison on how each looked on me. I'm reordering my YSL Touche Eclat pen, which I'm hoping will help that concealer go farther. I do think the foundation and concealer together make me look kind of dead. ish. and my undereyes are maybe too light.. I have heavy dark circles though so it's kind of hard to explain.
I'm probably super harsh on myself, but I want to make sure my investments are worth it.  The foundation is sheer and if I touch my face at all it turns red. It happened before with my tinted moisturizer, but I think it was mostly my nose that stood out then. It would become embarrassingly red at some point during the day.
So any help with covering up with redness? The sales associate said my skin was "super reactive" when she first went to check the color of a product on my skin because even though it was a light touch, I was red. It's becoming a real pain for me, and kind of embarrassing.


I suppose this a needy post, but I'd really really love any help. I'm open to suggestions to make my foundation work, if I should get a different one, buy something with more coverage (but not heavy), and then if there are and primers or anything to keep the red from showing through. (YSl found. is very sheer.. so it shows all over Smiley Sad )




Oh! Part of my question about the YSL foundation and concealer is about if there's a powder or setting spray or both that could be reccomended

Re: YSL foundation and conclealer question & help with my skin; it gets red so easily lately

I really, really like the feel and shade of the YSL foundation, but it's too sheer for me.  I'm red in areas from post-breakouts, and it just doesn't get rid of the red enough.  I'm oily in my t-zone, so I found it to give too much shine--even in just early Spring.


For powder, my favorite of all-time is Tarte's Finishing Powder.  It doesn't cake, and it doesn't oxidize into an orange mess.  I stroke it over my entire face after applying my foundation, finish getting ready, then apply a second layer just over my t-zone before I leave for work.  I haven't used blotting papers since!

Re: YSL foundation and conclealer question & help with my skin; it gets red so easily lately

Murad color correcting redness moisturizer worked for me, I just apply before other products and it calms my redness down. It's not very moisturizing though. The lady at sephora gave me a sample which was enough to test it for a good week and a half before I purchased! Maybe it will work for you.

Re: YSL foundation and conclealer question & help with my skin; it gets red so easily lately

Thank you! I'm going to try it out, I already went ahead and ordered it since there was %15 off. Smiley Happy


Re: YSL foundation and conclealer question & help with my skin; it gets red so easily lately

@danielamarie- With the redness always being there it may just be your skin. I would agree with what Janine said on the MUFE green primer to neutralize the redness out. MUFE's HD powder is amazing it's my personal fave and all you need to use it what's in the lid after you open it anymore than that is too much.

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