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YSL foundation and conclealer question & help with my skin; it gets red so easily lately

I recently purchased YSL ANTI-CERNES - Multi-Action Concealer in 1-Ivory Beige and YSL Le Teint Touche Éclat Illuminating Foundation in Beige 10.


It took the lovely sales associate who was helping me almost two hours to help me find the right shade of foundation/BB cream/CC cream/ tinted moisturizer; basically anything to find a color. We finally landed on the YSL Beige 10 and another line that I can't remember at the moment, but it was just a bit darker than me. It might not have been the worst idea to go with that one.

Anyway, I'm still trying to like the YSL foundation, it makes me so pale and it kind of shows a texture on my face that was never as noticeable with the Laura Mercier TM I was using before. I had that in Nude, and unfortunately it's been too dark and orangey on me for a very long time. Changing makeup is so difficult for me.
The color of the foundation mostly matches me, there's a chance it's the slightest bit too pale, but I was thinking maybe a lightly tinted powder would help with that. So I look a little more alive.
The concealer is pretty good I think. I used to use Laura Mercier's camo pot, but I've been out for so long I can't really make a fair comparison on how each looked on me. I'm reordering my YSL Touche Eclat pen, which I'm hoping will help that concealer go farther. I do think the foundation and concealer together make me look kind of dead. ish. and my undereyes are maybe too light.. I have heavy dark circles though so it's kind of hard to explain.
I'm probably super harsh on myself, but I want to make sure my investments are worth it.  The foundation is sheer and if I touch my face at all it turns red. It happened before with my tinted moisturizer, but I think it was mostly my nose that stood out then. It would become embarrassingly red at some point during the day.
So any help with covering up with redness? The sales associate said my skin was "super reactive" when she first went to check the color of a product on my skin because even though it was a light touch, I was red. It's becoming a real pain for me, and kind of embarrassing.


I suppose this a needy post, but I'd really really love any help. I'm open to suggestions to make my foundation work, if I should get a different one, buy something with more coverage (but not heavy), and then if there are and primers or anything to keep the red from showing through. (YSl found. is very sheer.. so it shows all over Smiley Sad )




Oh! Part of my question about the YSL foundation and concealer is about if there's a powder or setting spray or both that could be reccomended

Re: YSL foundation and conclealer question & help with my skin; it gets red so easily lately

Changing your foundation and concealer could definitely help but I think the big issue is controlling your reactive skin in the first place.    

I was intrigued by your dilemma (have you spoken to your doctor about how sensitive your skin is?), and as someone who has pinky skin I understand your desire for a clear and even complexion. 

Some of the advice I found:

Avoid hot liquids or food, cafeine, spices

Avoid intense physical exercise.

Avoid extreme temperatures (hot and cold) like saunas, jacuzzis

Always use sun protection.

Use rinse-free cleansers and perfume-free cosmetics.

Recommend the use of green-tinted concealers.


Clinique has entire line of Redness Solutions products.  This yellow powder specifically mentions the reactive redness you have -


Hope that helps!  If you search "redness" you'll find the above and a bunch of other brands/products formulated to prevent and hide redness..

Re: YSL foundation and conclealer question & help with my skin; it gets red so easily lately

Thank you so much for taking the time to respond Smiley Happy


I haven't spoken to a doctor about it, because I wasn't sure if it was an issue that warranted a visit. A few months ago it seemed like it was just my nose that would randomly get bright red. So red that people thought I'd been crying haha.


Though, more recently I'm even trying to figure out how to make this YSL foundation have real staying power because it's meant to have a dewy kind of look. I'm used to using powder products that have that kind of finish to lessen the shine and liquid-type feeling.


But, I'm thinking maybe it would be better to return it and try to find something elseSmiley Sad Which is unfortunate because it's the closest shade we could find. I have both pink and yellow undertones and fair (think that's the right type) of skin. I think fair is the right word.. I'm pale but not ghost like? No idea how to really explain, but it makes it indescribably difficult to find any matching shade:/


I have been looking at Clinique's Redness line. Have you used it before?/ Do you think the powder would be a good place to start? And I've seen the green primers and been curious. I've heard Smashbox's isn't very good and Makeup Forever's was the better choice. I'd just love to hear anyone's experience.


Or to anyone who might see this, have you used Clinique's redness products/anything for redness and seen a difference?


I'll look into the cleansers, I've been using the Algenist cleanser lately and then Clinque's acne solutions foaming cleanser when I break out badly.

Re: YSL foundation and conclealer question & help with my skin; it gets red so easily lately

I like the YSL look as soon as I apply it, but it's too sheer for me.  Shade-wise, I found Tarte's 12-Hour Foundation to be EXACT.  It gives me the chance to build to even a full coverage if I want it, but it doesn't oxidize to orange or bronze.  When you're fair like us, that's a HUGE benefit!


You might consider that you're turning more red because of the seasons changing and also the pollen that is in the air.  Believe it or not, I've seen a lot of patients through the years that redden just because their skin is irritated from what's sitting on top of it.

Re: YSL foundation and conclealer question & help with my skin; it gets red so easily lately

Yeah, I like the YSL too.. when I apply is correctly hah. But it is also too sheer for me. I thought I would love it since the color is so close and I've been using tinted moisturizer for a few years now. Who knows how long I've been orange-ish though (when I have zero signs of a tan). Anyway the YSL is so sheer it's i think it definitely is lower than a tinted moisturizer on the coverage level.I think anyway, I've only really used Laura Mercier. I'm definitely going to look into Tarte's Foundation now and test it out asap.


You know, I suppose it could be the weather. I unfortunately am living in Houston when there is pollen and it's still changing from hot to cold here. (Yesterday started warm then dropped to freezing by before 5). However,I don't remember exactly when the redness started, but I want to say something around maybe January or December at the latest.


When it was colder I know my nose would turn bright red, my boyfriend's mom once though it was because I was upset while we were out shopping. It also happened indoors without going outside. But at that time it was just my nose, and a bit off to the sides as well.


The only other time I've ever easily turned red was when I was on Accutane about four years ago. Even then, it didn't bother me like this. I was rosy sometimes or red from a light sunburn. Typical skin reactions. This though, I'm talking bright bright red nose. The rest of my face is a fairly new issue I've had for a couple months, but it still gets red in an embarrassing way:/

Re: YSL foundation and conclealer question & help with my skin; it gets red so easily lately

Hi danielamarie,


I would give the clinique powder for redness a try. In terms of primers, I would say Make Up For Ever's green primer is an ideal option. Apply this after your daily moisturizer, then finish up with your foundation.

Whimsically yours,

Re: YSL foundation and conclealer question & help with my skin; it gets red so easily lately

Is your face red before you apply anything? Also are the Algenist cleanser and the Clinique kinda new or have you been using them for a while? Also are you applying any primer before your foundation?

Re: YSL foundation and conclealer question & help with my skin; it gets red so easily lately

It's not red before I apply, but it can still become red when I don't wear any make up at all. The Clinique cleanser I've used for a long time, though I was out for a while and bought the Algenist after having a short crazy dry skin phase. So that one is fairly new, but I know at the very least my nose and sides of it were turning bright red before that. It hasn't always been a problem though:/


I am applying primer,, but I'm having a hard time finding the right one. When I'm not trying something new I use the oil free Laura Mercier primer I have.


Re: YSL foundation and conclealer question & help with my skin; it gets red so easily lately

I really liked the YSL foundation and concealer, and I LOVED how neutral and light they were.  However, if they aren't giving you the coverage you're looking for, there are other options!


My HG concealer is actually by Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics, and is currently only available on their website.  I use shade Y0, which is the lightest available shade with a yellow undertone.  It's a cream concealer that will cover ANYTHING.  I'm serious, it can cover literally anything.  One beauty blogger used it to see if it would cover her pretty bad sunburn and it did!  I've tried nearly every full coverage concealer that comes in a light shade, and this one is a nearly perfect color match and provides the most coverage while still looking VERY natural and light - no cake there!


The YSL concealer is beautiful, but I found the finish to be less helpful when it came to covering redness.  Because my skin is so fair and nearly translucent, blemishes look pretty bad - nearly purple and very very noticeable.  The YSL concealer has a lovely sheen to the finish, but I found it drew attention to what I was trying to hide.


Also, I have a very similar "problem" with my skin - I turn red at the slightest touch.  Perhaps it's just a pale person thing, but I've had people freak out and ask me what was wrong and if I was ok because I absentmindedly itched my neck and it left deep red scratch marks for a few minutes.  Weird!  No idea what causes it, but I definitely understand the frustration.


In terms of tinted powder, I'm a huge fan of the YSL Matte & Radiant powder because, again, it's very pale and very neutral beige and it creates a wonderful finish.  However, if you're worried about looking a little too grey or not having enough color, I would recommend a powder that has a bit of a yellow undertone.  The yellow will help cancel out any redness and will avoid the "blah" look that can come from a completely neutral beige powder.  One powder I've found that I really like for that is the Make Up For Ever Pro Finish and Smashbox Photo Set pressed powder.  The Smashbox is nice because it helps with oil control and is just a nice light dusting of sheer color when used sparingly.  I use the lightest shade, and it has a slightly yellow undertone that looks very nice on my skin.


Make Up For Ever and Smashbox both make primers designed to help cancel out redness and brighten skin tones.  The green primer (which does not look green on your face, I promise!) by Smashbox is a great choice.

Also, just to clarify, I do not work for Smashbox, I've never worked for Smashbox, and I'm not like, paid to promote them in any way.  I just like that their face makeup really suits my skin so I'm enthusiastic lol

Re: YSL foundation and conclealer question & help with my skin; it gets red so easily lately

Haha I loved this. Thank you so much.

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