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Writing reviews about Sephora employees

often when i go into sephora, they give me a website to go to in order to write a review of my experience. does anyone have a link to that website? i keep forgetting to write reviews and then when i'm ready, i can't find the website.

Re: Writing reviews about Sephora employees

?Toula? @Manhasset, NY store was wonderful today.  She went back and forth from the eyebrow pencils, to the blush to the lipstick and back to the blush to match it to the lipstick.  Patient, kind & helpful. 

Re: Writing reviews about Sephora employees

This is a review for the sephora store in Honolulu, Hawaii.  
Not sure if I'm on the right site but I got busy and misplaced the card Paylin (Pailin?) gave me last week that had the website to go to to leave a review.


I am in sales and know how important it is to be recognized, and she deserves to be.  


I came in to the store with my sister and we put our names down to get some advice on our eyebrows.  Paylin (sp?) came over and helped my sister first.  Totally fixed up her brows and gave her the look she was going for. Just like that.


She then went on to show me how to do my brows, and how to contour my face the way I wanted.  I bought about $200 worth of things from her and didn't feel ripped off at. all.  I left happy and informed. 

She was quiet, and to the point, but that didn't matter because she LISTENED and UNDERSTOOD what we wanted and gave us exactly that.  Not too pushy.  Just did the job well.


Thank you and I hope you see this! 

Re: Writing reviews about Sephora employees

Oh my god, Tensin (Idk how to spell her name) at the Sephora at Menlo Park Mall in NJ was amazing. I went to go get my makeup done for my Sweet 16 and she did a phenomenal job. The makeup looked amazing and I was getting compliments the whole time. She was also extremely friendly and very pleasant to talk to. I also found out she is an alumni from my high school and knew my choir teacher as they were in the same grade and in choir together. She was honestly amazing. 

Re: Writing reviews about Sephora employees

I am usually not one to write reviews but I just had to because these two women were just AMAZING! and they need to get credit. 

Location: Sephora at Fashion SQ in Sherman Oaks, CA

Employees: Michelle and Lianna


I usually go in to a Sephora store and do my own shopping and try out things here and there if I have the time but based on the number of times I had gone into the store and asked for some advice and help, I was always disappointed. I felt like the employees were always rushing (which is somewhat understandable -they want to help out as many customers as they can) and not really listening to what I was looking for or what I wanted. 


I remember the disappointment I felt when I had asked an employee a few years ago to help me find my shade in cover up and because they couldn't find two of the shades in the testers, they sold me and convinced me to buy a color that was way too light for my skin tone. I am just writing a little background information as to why I avoided talking to the "helpful" employees at Sephora.


Yesterday, on 05/09/2017 all of that was changed for the better thanks to these two ladies!!!!! I can not express my gratitude and love for them, I truly felt like they were my best friends at the end of that experience. Sephora always has such an amazing variety but I never have the time to try everything and they always have new items coming in. I especially have a hard time finding lipsticks because of brand variety and quality and color variation. 


These two women actually listened!!! to what i wanted and what I had to say. The reason this was so special to me is because unlike most people who get their make up done for their wedding day, I wanted to do it myself and I knew exactly the look I'm going for and the lipstick color I wanted but always had such difficulty finding that exact shade. (Especially in the nudes department because now we have 50 shades of Nude!! So frustrating). 


These ladies were sooooo knowledgable, they knew about product quality and so much more. They took their time to help me find exactly what I wanted! and a few other necessary items I didn't know I want lol. I just want to keep saying Thank you!!!!! I had never left a Sephora feeling so "accomplished" and excited about my purchases.


Thank you again Lianna and Michelle.

Sincerely, Amy 

Re: Writing reviews about Sephora employees

OMG...Their 2 day order is a week order...Which century sephora is at...

Re: Writing reviews about Sephora employees

Shipping can vary. It may take 2 days for processing, sometimes longer if there is a sale and more people are making purchases. If you order certain products, like nail polish it will also take longer, because it is shipped ground.

Re: Writing reviews about Sephora employees

OMG...The lady I called just hanged up on me...for no reason..

Re: Writing reviews about Sephora employees

OMG...The lady I called just hanged up on me...for no reason.

Re: Writing reviews about Sephora employees

  I ordered a 51$ box for my birthday..

  I had ordered all the items days before any went sold out. 

I chose my 3 samples as checkout and added a promo also, they were all perfumes that i was planning on trying, maybe coming back to buy a full sized,

     but unfortunately when i opened my package i got my other items but they sent me some random samples that I didn't choose they didnt even try to contact me the 3-4 days it took to process and ask if i would like something else, and when i called as soon as i opened my package the lady said oh sorry that sucks i can add 100 points to your account.

I said, I cant send them back or something and get ones that i want?

and she said,

you could just give them to a family member or something. 

Like i want to give my gift to somebody else  😒😞


Re: Writing reviews about Sephora employees

Went in to pick up perfume at the Sephora at Old Orchard mall. Muneer came to ask if we needed help. I normally buy perfumes from department stores like Macy's or Nordstrom, but from now on I will be going to look for Muneer. He was so helpful and patient. Our kids were giving us a hard time and he engaged them so we could discuss scents and make our decision. Absolutely wonderful experience. Both my husband and I left the store happy with our new scents. Thanks, Muneer!

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