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Post in Beauty Advisors

Would love to have Sephora in local JC Penney store.

If there is not a local Sephora store coming to my hometown of Kingsport, Tennessee I would at least love to have a Sephora counter added to the local JC Penney store.  Kingsport currently has an Ulta store and I'd love to see Sephora come to give them some competition.  I don't like shopping at Ulta and would love to be able to do all of my beauty shopping at a local Sephora.  How does Sephora determine where to locate stores?

Re: Would love to have Sephora in local JC Penney store.

I second this. I live in Vermont and there is no Sephora here. A Sephora in Burlington, VT would be great, or SiJCP in St. Johnsbury have my vote! I'm fashion starved up here!

Re: Would love to have Sephora in local JC Penney store.

I think they decide by the traffic of the JCP. I actually use to work for JCP, but I worked at a little store in Mississippi ( I no longer live there) and our store did not have enough business to actually have the Sephora inside. I use to be sooo upset, cause as a JcPenney employee I would have been able to get a discount at Sephora, but only at ones inside JcPenney. The closest one to us was like almost 2 hours away. I could never justify driving that far for a discount haha. I was always waiting for another excuse to go to the bigger city. It just never came up and my husband got a job at an even smaller town in California ( now I live somewhere that doesn't even have a mall!! ugh... I'll never win)

Re: Would love to have Sephora in local JC Penney store.

To be honest I think it has a lot to do with the demand in the area and from what I understand they have people that go around scouting locations too. 


The first FS to open here did so at my mall and it's not the biggest city in the state so it was kind of confusing--a Sephora in Portland, OR would have been more ideal you'd think but oh well! They are finally putting one in Portland (I know ify ou look up the locations they say portland but it's really just in the metro area) but we already have 2 FS in 2 different malls--and both of those also received a SiJCP AFTER the FS was already established. So why would we need a FS and a SiJCP in the same malls I have no idea. I love them both dearly though lol.

Re: Would love to have Sephora in local JC Penney store.

They determine it based upon store renovation and demand actually.  If clients talk to store managers or write them in, it puts them up for rolling out one. I would personally know as I work in one and get to hear the details about how it comes about. I was excited when one came to West Des Moines even though we have 3 Ultas and a freestanding within 15 miles. SO...if ya want one talk to your local JCP about it! And I know that they are planning to open another 150 in 2011 around the US Smiley Happy

Re: Would love to have Sephora in local JC Penney store.

I also live in Tennessee and would love to see a Sephora come to the Kingsport, Tennessee JC Penney Store or a stand-alone store would be great, too.  I have to drive about two and a half hours to the closest Sephora and locating one in Kingsport would make my drive soooo much shorter to reach a Sephora.  I hope Sephora is reading this and will consider locating one in Kingsport.  I currently drive to Kingsport to shop at Ulta because it is so much closer than Sephora, but I would much rather shop at Sephora than Ulta.

Re: Would love to have Sephora in local JC Penney store.

Gosh, I sure would love to have a Sephora store located in Kingsport, Tennessee, which is also my hometown.  A stand-alone store would be better than locating one in our local JC Penney, but I'll take a Sephora store anyway I can get one.  There is a local Ulta, but I much prefer shopping at Sephora--it's just so far away.  I order products from Sephora, but go to Ulta first to test whatever I'm ordering first if they happen to have the product.  Ulta doesn't have as good a selection of makeup as Sephora and I think everyone within a 90-mile radius would come to shop at a store in Kingsport, Tennessee.  I hope someone from Sephora reads this and realizes the demand for a store and acts on it.

Smiley Very Happy

Re: Would love to have Sephora in local JC Penney store.

I live in Tennessee, too, and when I saw this post I just had to comment that it would be great to have a Sephora store located in or around Kingsport at least within a 20-mile radius of Kingsport in the Tri-Cities area, which includes Johnson City and Bristol, Tennessee.  Kingsport is growing and has recently gotten some major department stores and such so that I think a Sephora would fit right in.  I drive to both Johnson City and Kingsport to shop.  I hope Sephora gives some thought and consideration to this request.

Thanks.  Smiley Happy


Re: Would love to have Sephora in local JC Penney store.

The other ladies got it right, Sephora scouts locations based on interest. If you want one located in JCP try contacting JCP and Sephora, also, get your makeup addict friends to also contact them. The more these companies see an interest, the more likely they'll take it into consideration. Also, keep in mind that Sephora has been rapidly expanding their brand these past couple of year, so, its highly likely that they'll open a location near you soon... well hopefully!


BTW, I absolutely loathe Ulta. I only go there for discounted pro haircare products and the polishes from OPI and China Glaze. The people that work there are super snobby and unknowlegable of the makeup and skincare brands that they carry. The times I've gone in, they always try to push a product on me. I love that at Sephora, you're free to explore without being bothered. Plus, the workers are always helpful and honest about what would work for your needs. An aside from that, Sephora has better customer service, they're always quick to help and advise.

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