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Worst Customer Service Experience Ever!

I am disappointed that i have to write this complain because I do like shopping at Sephora and I do expect more from this store. Today I went to the Sephora nearest to home which is unfortunately a JCPenny Sephora. I went to the store to get some make up basics (mascara and eyeliner) and to get my birthday gift. My friend who came with me was looking for a new lipstick because she had a date tonight. While I was getting the stuff I wanted and searched for a shopping tote, not once was I greeted or asked if I needed help (which I did since shopping totes were short in supply and dirty as I later found out, too). Instead, pretty much every supposed "sales associate" in the store passed us without a glance. I got what I wanted (except the eyeliner since the JCP Sephoras do not carry the Dior eyeliner I usually get) and went with my friend who had not found what she wanted (she was not helped either, by the way). Instead, I was the one who helped her find lipsticks, but samples on her and get her cotton cleaning pads. When I jokingly told her that maybe I should work at Sephora since I was doing their job, the only sales associate who heard me turned her nose up at us and walked away. I was finally feed up and decided to leave. I went to pay for the little I got although I now regret getting it from this store. The cashier did not ask me if I had found everything ok (maybe because she could tell I was not happy at all). And, when she got the products out of the tote, they were covered in lipstick. She then asked me if I had been (and, I quote) "playing with the lipsticks." Unbelievable , she accusing me of playing with the lipsticks like I was a five year old girl. Instead of checking the tote to see if it was dirty she just accuses me! Rather, I was the one who reached over the counter, got the tote and showed it to her. It was covered in lipstick. She did not apologize and instead said she was going to clean the boxes with alcohol because any customer paying $25+ for a mascara wants it smelling like alcohol right out of the store! I, again, did what they should have done. I went and got new products. Also, she did not ask me if I wanted a 100 point sample (I had 300+ points) and did not offer me my birthday gift. When she handed me my receipt I told her that this store has the worst customer service I had ever experience. She just smiled and said "really, because we have great customer service." I did not even know what to make of this. Was she being condescending or just stupidly naive. I left and went to find my friend who had not decided upon a lipstick shade. As I was talking to her, another sales associate came to ask us how we were doing (after I had given up and made my purchase!). I told her what happen and she, I supposed, tried to make excuses by saying they were busy. And, yes, they were busy but not that busy. I have gone to other Sephoras twice as full as this one and I have always been helped or at least greeted. I recently went to the Santa Barbara Sephora and they were packed to the point of it being difficult to walk. And, they were still great and what you should expect from a Sephora! And, this is not the first time I have received such poor assistance at this particular store. The first time I came, I was not helped and I really needed assistance in finding a perfume. I had to work at just getting their attention to ask a question and wasted my time trying to find something they did not carry. After this and, a poorly packaged and damaged online order, I actually stopped shopping at Sephora for a while enough to not renew my VIB status for that year. At the end, she did apologize and offered to give me a deluxe sample, but I refused because honestly, I just wanted to get out of that awful place and did not want to wait until she came back. My friend did not find what she wanted and after I told her what happen she also just wanted to leave. I will most definitely not be back to this Sephora. And, whenever I need/want to purchase makeup near home, I will just go to Macy's since they have much better customer service and more products.

Re: Worst Customer Service Experience Ever!

Geez. I don't think I've ever had a bad experience at Sephora. A quick hello at the door is all I really need. The reason why I shop at Sephora more than any place else is because they generally leave me alone to test things out and play before I shell out my money. As much as I love Macy's, the department stores are very very pushy because they work on commission. I cant try things on and have fun doing it when the department store ladies are hovering over me, breathing down my neck, shoving products in my face and expecting me to buy a product just because I lightly swatched a lipstick on my hand.


Remember the names of the people you got bad service from and write a complaint on that Sephora survey thing on your receipt.


The only thing I will say is, *all* makeup stores/counters tend to treat you better if you are well dressed and have your makeup already done. I hate that, because I like going in with a bare face so that I can try stuff on but thats how it is. The thing that really gets me is if I've been there for 15-20 minutes testing things out and I get some snotty remark like " oh you're still here" or "going out tonight" in a tone that implies that I'm just there to use their stuff, not buy anything, and get out. Now that ticks me off.

Re: Worst Customer Service Experience Ever!

I honestly dread going into a store, not because of the sales staff per-say, but because I feel like I generally look like crap so the last thing I want is extremely polished women judging my attempt with piteous eyes. They've always been very helpful and sweet, and always surprised when they see this trainwreck's point balance.


On a side-note, dearest Sephora, there is no way in hell I'm about to take off all my make up in your chair in the bloody front window under insane lighting for a make-over. I sincerely wish they had a chair in the back, it's terribly unnerving for those of us who were not born with radiant skin.

Re: Worst Customer Service Experience Ever!

Sorry to hear that! I find that Sephora's customer device is really a hit or miss, even within just one store.


Re: Worst Customer Service Experience Ever!

my Sephora is hit or miss also, been there 2 days ago - and got sh*ttiest customer service, came in today and been checked on 2ce by an associate "if im finding everything ok!" I wish it would be more consistent and all associates are trained properly on great customer service. Sephora is place for makeup and beauty, place where some women feel like little girls who love playing with makeup, place for glamour, and not a place for not being judged just because the way you look or if you have no makeup on. Some women feel comfortable with bare skin or just want to give their face a breather from makeup and when an associate gives them a crappy service - how does that make them feel? Like its not ok not to dress up and be natural!!  Sephora needs to do something about that!! Smiley Wink

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