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Worst Customer Service Experience Ever!

I am disappointed that i have to write this complain because I do like shopping at Sephora and I do expect more from this store. Today I went to the Sephora nearest to home which is unfortunately a JCPenny Sephora. I went to the store to get some make up basics (mascara and eyeliner) and to get my birthday gift. My friend who came with me was looking for a new lipstick because she had a date tonight. While I was getting the stuff I wanted and searched for a shopping tote, not once was I greeted or asked if I needed help (which I did since shopping totes were short in supply and dirty as I later found out, too). Instead, pretty much every supposed "sales associate" in the store passed us without a glance. I got what I wanted (except the eyeliner since the JCP Sephoras do not carry the Dior eyeliner I usually get) and went with my friend who had not found what she wanted (she was not helped either, by the way). Instead, I was the one who helped her find lipsticks, but samples on her and get her cotton cleaning pads. When I jokingly told her that maybe I should work at Sephora since I was doing their job, the only sales associate who heard me turned her nose up at us and walked away. I was finally feed up and decided to leave. I went to pay for the little I got although I now regret getting it from this store. The cashier did not ask me if I had found everything ok (maybe because she could tell I was not happy at all). And, when she got the products out of the tote, they were covered in lipstick. She then asked me if I had been (and, I quote) "playing with the lipsticks." Unbelievable , she accusing me of playing with the lipsticks like I was a five year old girl. Instead of checking the tote to see if it was dirty she just accuses me! Rather, I was the one who reached over the counter, got the tote and showed it to her. It was covered in lipstick. She did not apologize and instead said she was going to clean the boxes with alcohol because any customer paying $25+ for a mascara wants it smelling like alcohol right out of the store! I, again, did what they should have done. I went and got new products. Also, she did not ask me if I wanted a 100 point sample (I had 300+ points) and did not offer me my birthday gift. When she handed me my receipt I told her that this store has the worst customer service I had ever experience. She just smiled and said "really, because we have great customer service." I did not even know what to make of this. Was she being condescending or just stupidly naive. I left and went to find my friend who had not decided upon a lipstick shade. As I was talking to her, another sales associate came to ask us how we were doing (after I had given up and made my purchase!). I told her what happen and she, I supposed, tried to make excuses by saying they were busy. And, yes, they were busy but not that busy. I have gone to other Sephoras twice as full as this one and I have always been helped or at least greeted. I recently went to the Santa Barbara Sephora and they were packed to the point of it being difficult to walk. And, they were still great and what you should expect from a Sephora! And, this is not the first time I have received such poor assistance at this particular store. The first time I came, I was not helped and I really needed assistance in finding a perfume. I had to work at just getting their attention to ask a question and wasted my time trying to find something they did not carry. After this and, a poorly packaged and damaged online order, I actually stopped shopping at Sephora for a while enough to not renew my VIB status for that year. At the end, she did apologize and offered to give me a deluxe sample, but I refused because honestly, I just wanted to get out of that awful place and did not want to wait until she came back. My friend did not find what she wanted and after I told her what happen she also just wanted to leave. I will most definitely not be back to this Sephora. And, whenever I need/want to purchase makeup near home, I will just go to Macy's since they have much better customer service and more products.

Re: Worst Customer Service Experience Ever!

Wow  That is some seriously astonishing service! I hope you get way better help and service the next time you shop at a Sephora store.

Re: Worst Customer Service Experience Ever!

I agree with nebel, I hate when they bombard you with all the fragrances and smell this, and try that! But honestly sometimes some sephora associates think you are just there to just try stuff and leave and not buy anything. Especially when you are young like me!
I know one year i went to get my birthday gift and the associate asked me for my ID to make sure it was around the time of my birthday and acted like i was bothering her. Then when i went to the register and handed my VIB card (at that time) she opened her eyes like, i can't believe it! and her attitude completely changed!

So Im sure it wasn't because they were busy, They just simply didn't want to help you because they believed you weren't really going to buy anything. 

Re: Worst Customer Service Experience Ever!

i always feel like they're afraid i'm going to steal something

Re: Worst Customer Service Experience Ever!

Being ignored is annoying.

But being followed or starred as if you're stealing something from them is even more annoying.

Sephora SA is one of the highest-paying retail sales jobs, but some of them are not even qualified...


Re: Worst Customer Service Experience Ever!

I definitely agree

Re: Worst Customer Service Experience Ever!

OMG I have a  Sephora horror story  I live in Oklahoma, the closest store is 2 hour drive ( OKC ) so I usually order online. The first time I had ever gone a couple years back, I had been in the hospital in OKC for a couple days and after feeling like crap, the first thing I wanted when I was discharged was exercise and makeup!  I had never been before so what a treat! Keep in mind I wasn't so keen on makeup so I had planned on asking questions. I thought because I wasn't wearing anything other than sheer tinted moisturizer it might make it easier, to identify my needs..WELL They never greeted or asked me if I needed anything! I said "Excuse me.." and nearly chased the girl before she turned and even then she was very short with me I could tell she was irritated. I work in retail, everyone is aloud to have a bad day. Then the other person even made it a point to follow me! I could totally tell! Who follows and doesn't ask you if you need anything? I did look rather haggard but who were they to judge me! She wouldn't even look at me while I was paying but felt the need to say "And I added a skin care smaple" I did have acne/redness from being in the hospital, but I felt like I was treated like a leper or vagrant! She didn't even ask my skin concerns! And it was a cleanser!  I didn't really understanf how samples in the store worked. I'm sure they judged me for someone who wanted to try stuff and leave, I did buy a compact and perfume.

 I must say though despite my first in-store experience  being a complete judgmental nightmare I have never since had a bad experience. The last time I walked in I had my 3 children, we had just came from a long day at a theme park and the sweetest girl helped me with everything, samples, filled me in on offers with  no condescending tones or sighs about my kids, and I was carrying my daughter and micromanaging the whole time!
As much as I'd like shopping to always be child free me time,  I don't always have that luxury. I even called the store and told them how sweet and patient she really was I really appreciated all her help.

Re: Worst Customer Service Experience Ever!

Never had this happen to me in Sephora. One time I even lost track of time (I was looking and playing with some of the testers to decide if I wanted anything) and barley left by closing. I felt really bad about it but they were still super nice. The ladies in the Charlottesville VA store are all great and really helpful. They jump around like jack rabbits from person to person. I did have an awful experience in Sally Beauty Supply one time. I came in and the lady came rushing from the back. She didn't say anything she just stood there with her arms crossed. As I walked she followed me. I could only think I was bothering her or she thought I would steal something. Needless to say I left since it was really irritating, on my exit she made a beeline back to the backroom again (I have no idea what she was doing). My mother went to the same store and they gave her coupon because she was looking at something. However she decided to wait on it and they took the coupon they gave her back. Which to me is just odd. She said they were not very nice in general though.

Re: Worst Customer Service Experience Ever!

Oh wow, I am very sorry! Smiley Sad

I have never had this happen at any Sephora.

Only ULTA.



Re: Worst Customer Service Experience Ever!

I've never had this happen at a straight-up Sephora, but the other day I had to go to the JCP one because the regular Sephora in that mall didn't carry LORAC products so I had to go to the JCP one. Anyway, basically the same thing happened to me; I was the only one in the store with 4+ associates but I wasn't greeted or helped at all! I had to find the palette I wanted to swatch samples, etc. by myself. Not only that but the whole store was a wreck. All the makeup was crushed in and smeared all over the racks, there was stuff on the floor, and all the product boxes looked shredded. When I came in I was 100% ready to buy, but as soon as I saw all that I turned around and walked out. I'm never going there again- customer service is a must for me, and Sephora is better than that!

Re: Worst Customer Service Experience Ever!

I went to the JCP Sephora at my mall today after the store one in the same mall didn't have what I had. I was the only one there and all four+ associates there would not quit following me. I'm extremely timid and suffer from severe generalized anxiety so this really freaked me out and made me feel like they thought I was going to steal something. Needless to say, I left very quickly. I was already rushing just to see if they had my item (they didn't) but I was there for five minutes max and was watched like a hawk. It was very awkward.


I've had no problems with the store one, though. If I get asked too many times "can I help you?" I can get a little uncomfortable, but I don't feel like I'm being monitored.

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