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Which color of Clinique Stay Matte?

So I used to use Clinique Stay Matte in Stay Neutral back when I have a tan. Now it's a tad too dark for me so I was wondering if I should go for Stay Cream or Stay Buff?


The pictures are misleading so I wasn't sure if they have different undertones from Stay Matte or if they are lighter than Stay Matte. I prefer a powder that have neutral/yellow/non-pink undertone. I wear Maybelline BB cream in light/med, NARS TM in Alaska, and Laura Mercier TM in Nude is a tad dark on me.



Re: Which color of Clinique Stay Matte?



If the Stay Neutral is too warm for your skin, I suggest you try Stay Buff which has a more neutral undertone but is a slight shade lighter than the Stay Neutral.


Stay Cream can also work but I'd suggest that for more of the winter season and if you want to neutralize any yellow tones since its JUST a bit more on the creamy pink side.


So yes, Stay Buff would be your best option. Smiley Happy


Luv&Lipgloss, Diana

Re: Which color of Clinique Stay Matte?

Hmm, Stay Buff sounds good, cuz I'm just a tad lighter but not significantly/full shade lighter. I have too much pink/redness on my face so I want to neutralize pink instead of yellow.


Thanks! Now I'm ready to order (+Marc Jacob eyeliner cuz, you know, I need the $50 requirement *cough*)

Re: Which color of Clinique Stay Matte?

Sounds good! I even checked with the Clinique coloring as well and yes, that should be your best bet without getting TOO light Smiley Happy

Luv&Lipgloss, Diana
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