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What is your favorite waterproof FACIAL sunscreen?

I'm going to Jamaica in less than two weeks.  I know that I'm going to be scuba diving (I just got certified last Sunday) and snorkeling, in addition to going to the beach or pool.  I'm trying to figure out what I want to wear on my face. I would really love something tinted or something I could put over something tinted without looking totally greasy.


I have some things, but not the perfect option.  If I'm not really going to be underwater, I can wear my Dr Jart+ BB cream or tinted Clarins sunscreen (I need to mix shades, but I love this stuff) but neither is really water resistant.  For short dips, reapplying or putting on the regular Clarins UV Plus HP sunscreen is just fine.  But if I'm snorkeling or on a boat between/after dives, I really would like something waterproof. 


I've got moisturizers with sunscreen, but they're heavy to reapply.  And while my Supergoop sunscreen is great for the body, very waterproof, and doesn't make my legs break out, it makes my face feel a bit greasy.


I got a sampler set of Stila's BB cream which sounds great because it's tinted and SPF 30 and water-resistant for 80 minutes.  But it's not nearly as moisturizing or smooth to apply as my other BB cream, and it feels a bit sticky after I apply it.  And I've got a small Sheseido sample which is SPF 60, but I don't love that either (and frankly would prefer something that safely let me get a bit of sun).


So, is there anything waterproof out there that you love?  Any suggestions would be gratefully received.


Re: What is your favorite waterproof FACIAL sunscreen?

Hi Mafan,

My favorite face sunscreen is Lancôme BIENFAIT UV SPF 50+ Super Fluid Facial Sunscreen.  It is water-resistant & sweat resistant.  It is a very thin formula which makes it perfect for layering under makeup if needed.  It does not leave your face greasy or with a white cast.  I wore it when I went to Mexico this summer, & it was perfect!  Smiley Happy -Laura


Re: What is your favorite waterproof FACIAL sunscreen?

Brands and lines are actually not allowed to label their sunscreens as waterproof now according to new FDA rules and guidelines.


I would suggest looking into La Roche Posay for a slew of wonderfully light weight, fluid-like sunscreens for face and body. They don't feel heavy or greasy and their page even states which ones are water resistant and for up to how long factoring in water/constant UV exposure. They have mineral based sunscreens as well as chemical based sunscreens depending on if you have a preference and their formulas are also nourishing so they don't dry you out or leave skin feeling uncomfortable.



Re: What is your favorite waterproof FACIAL sunscreen?

Thanks for the suggestions, I'll check them out.  I guess I meant water-resistant these days, not waterproof.  I would just like to make sure that I'm wearing something that isn't going to come right off if I'm in the water for a while and not really in a place where I can easily reapply something.

Re: What is your favorite waterproof FACIAL sunscreen?

I love LAVANILA The Healthy Sun Screen SPF 40 Face Cream, but I don't believe it is water resistant.


Juice Beauty also makes nice sunscreens that work well and don't cause me to break out. I use their SPF 30 Oil-Free Moisturizer, which isn't water resistant, but they just came out with their SPF 30 Sport Moisturizer, which IS water resistant. I would recommend checking that out because I love Juice Beauty's ingredients.


I also second the La Roche Posay suggestion from lylysa...great sunscreens as well.

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