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What is your face makeup algorithm or process?

I think I'm doing it wrong or I just suck at it lol. I've been doing it for years yet I haven't gotten any better! Do you put concealer on before or after foundation?, any tricks to help foundation look more real and natural? What about your eye makeup, do you do that last?, when do you fill in your eye brows?. What order do you apply your daily makeup? Sorry lots of questions! I appreciate your feedback though<3

Re: What is your face makeup algorithm or process?

Hi amynadinexo,


I think every person has their own personal preference when it comes to getting ready Smiley Happy  Depending on how complex my eye makeup is, for example a serious smokey eye, I would do that first, to make sure the fall out doesnt ruin my perfected foundation.  In that case, I would do my eyes, foundation & finish up with concealer, to fix any areas that may need more coverage.  


To make my foundation (the KVD Lock It has been my fav lately) look less cakey, I pat it onto my face and blend it out using a BeautyBlender.  It is absolutely perfect for sheering out those thicker foundations & giving you a more natural/flawless finish.

beautyblender - beautyblender®


xo, Mia

Re: What is your face makeup algorithm or process?

Beauty Blender is seriously one of the best purchases i've made this year! Depending on your skin type it can seriously help with the cakeyness and unnatural look.I use concealer before but only because i have one that's a shade or two too light and after i apply foundation it all matches good. When i get the one that matches me i will do it after. I do my eyebrows last, i don't think it matter soo much when you do it unless you tend to get foundation on your brows. I apply my makeup in this order. 







-Finishing powder

-Eyeliner, Mascara



Re: What is your face makeup algorithm or process?

I always do foundation first as this gives some coverage already, ans second my concealer this way I dont overuse. It would only finish covering what my foundation didnt ( totally agree about the BB will be the best investment to look flawless)

Second I fill my eyebrows, shadow and mascara

I contour last this way I can use my highlighter as an eraser for any eyeshadow residue.


Smiley Happy  

Re: What is your face makeup algorithm or process?

This is my order:












Although this order can change for example sometimes I use a liquid highlighter under foundation for a more natural glow. Cream blushes or highlighters go on before the powder.


I also like concealer after foundation since foundation will cover most imperfections, this way I use less makeup. To make my foundation more natural I like to also go over my foundation with a clean buffing brush after I applied it to help buff and blend foundation. This picks up any excess product and helps "airbrush" everything. Unless I'm doing dramatic makeup I like to do eyes after my foundation. 


A good rule of thumb is to do the makeup that you want to be the focus first. For example bold eyes=do first, bold=lips do first. This helps to "set the stage" so the rest of your makeup can be adjusted to your look.


I also find that making sure to add color and dimension back into your complexion with blush and/or bronzer (after foundation), also makes makeup look more natural.

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