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What exactly is a 'skin purge'?

I recently tried some new awesome products - especially the origins microdermabrasion. My skin has never looked so great overall, but in less then a week I broke out with a very few, but unusually large pimples. WHat is up with that? Will they go away or should I stop using this product?

Re: What exactly is a 'skin purge'?

If you have pimples coming up and not a rash, then I would say that the products you are using are allowing imbedded oils  and impurites to come up to the surface.  I would continue with your regime and allow all of this to come up and out.  I would also use something on the pimples to help heal them if you can tolerate that.  I have had this happen when I started using peels and AHA/BHA products.  After the initial breakout, my skin got clear and generally remains that way. Just be sure not to overdue it and cause your skin to become irritated.



Re: What exactly is a 'skin purge'?

When your skin is purging it is all the dirt,oil and bacteria coming to the surface of your skin and it's also a necessary step for your skin to clear. Hope this helps!

Re: What exactly is a 'skin purge'?

Hi onomotopoeia9,


Everyone is exactly right!  Skin purges generally happen when a new skincare routine is started and you may start breaking out when your skin is trying to purge the dirt and oils embedded in your pores.  It can be a rough few weeks, but once your skin adjusts, you'll be happy with the results Smiley Happy 


xo, Mia

Re: What exactly is a 'skin purge'?

Thanks for the responses! I'm so relieved Smiley Happy

Re: What exactly is a 'skin purge'?

It's actually a good thing- whatever you're using is working!

Re: What exactly is a 'skin purge'?

I'd be careful with the "skin purge."

There are a lot of dermatologists who have taken to the internet to assure consumers that skin does not, in fact, purge. You're probably having a negative reaction to something.



Re: What exactly is a 'skin purge'?

I've done alot of reading about that as well, Everyone has different opinions on the topic of purging. I however don't agree that skin should purge as a sign of something working. How do you know if it's a bad reaction or a "purge". If something irritates my skin i stop using it. I found great results using products that didn't cause my skin to purge and cleared it up. 

Re: What exactly is a 'skin purge'?

Ya I agree.

I think that the idea of skin purging is based off of a false understanding of how skin works. I don't know that much about how skin works... but think about it for a moment:


Skin would only 'purge' if your pores constantly had the stuff we call 'acne' in them. This simply doesn't make sense. When you notice your skin breaking out in a dramatic way, it is not because acne that was hidden deep in the pore has suddenly decided to leave. Your skin is reacting to a new presence and the acne is a part of the defense mechanism, since acne is always a response to some kind of perceived infection (which is why acne pus is white: white blood cells).

Re: What exactly is a 'skin purge'?

cool, thanks for those links!  I especially love this paragraph from the Victoria Stanell Beauty Myths article on beautylish (sometimes it's so annoying that we can't post links):


So what do you do when your skin is freaking out and you don't know which product is causing the issue? "Quit everything cold turkey," advises Dr. Chapas. "Makeup, moisturizer, sunscreen—stop everything you're using. Try to use a mild topical hydrocortisone on the skin until your reaction goes down. Start adding products in slowly and use mild, fragrance-free formulas. Eventually, you'll find out what's offending your skin. If your skin continues to react, see a dermatologist."


I think I'm going to copy and paste this everytime we get a new thread started by someone who's freaking out about her skin freaking out.

Re: What exactly is a 'skin purge'?

IDK what to think. I sometimes get a purge when I introduce a new product, especially if it's a lot stronger than what I'm currently using. To me it makes sense, we have dirt & oil trapped under our skin, we introduce something new, dirt/oil is brought up to surface quicker, we purge, in a few weeks it balances out & goes away. 

If Doctors are now saying that purging doesn't exist & it's a reaction, then why does it go away after a few weeks & never comes back? 

I've also noticed that if it's a purge it happens a few days after I start using the new product. When I have a reaction to a product, it's almost instant, or within 24 hours. 

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