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What exactly is a 'skin purge'?

I recently tried some new awesome products - especially the origins microdermabrasion. My skin has never looked so great overall, but in less then a week I broke out with a very few, but unusually large pimples. WHat is up with that? Will they go away or should I stop using this product?


Re: What exactly is a 'skin purge'?

IDK what to think. I sometimes get a purge when I introduce a new product, especially if it's a lot stronger than what I'm currently using. To me it makes sense, we have dirt & oil trapped under our skin, we introduce something new, dirt/oil is brought up to surface quicker, we purge, in a few weeks it balances out & goes away. 

If Doctors are now saying that purging doesn't exist & it's a reaction, then why does it go away after a few weeks & never comes back? 

I've also noticed that if it's a purge it happens a few days after I start using the new product. When I have a reaction to a product, it's almost instant, or within 24 hours. 

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