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What are the trends that I should be catching onto?

I am usually aware of when new fashions are coming into place, but I really need help when it comes to when I should buy things, and what exactly I should be buying. Please help Smiley Happy

Re: What are the trends that I should be catching onto?

i never buy clothes or shoes when they first hit the stores, i always wait a couple of months because that's when prices start to get marked down. As far as what you should be buying? hard to say without knowing your personal style but i would stock up on accessories.

Re: What are the trends that I should be catching onto?

The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is perfect for purchasing this year's upcoming fall clothing before it's even fall! I would suggest browsing the catalog, which you can find online, to see if you find anything you like! The sale opens to the public on July 19th (this Friday)!

Re: What are the trends that I should be catching onto?

When: a couple months after things hit the store. It gives the new fashions a chance to trickle down so if you are not picky about brand, you can get the style for $50 instead of $50000 designer piece. If it's a very out there trend, it also gives the magazine some times to style it and you some ideas on how to wear it.


What: that depends on your style. Personally I like to compare it to my closet. If I have something similar, I don't buy. If I have nothing like it, I buy. If it's a piece I really like I don't mind paying high price for it. But if it's a piece I'm not sure I like, I go for the cheap version.

Re: What are the trends that I should be catching onto?

Hi BeautyInWorks, 


It does depend on your style but I'd start off with checking out some fun fashion and clothing magazines like InStyle or Marie Claire which are usually FULL of great tips and fashion! I can't always afford the outfits but I get ideas of putting together looks with similar clothes and accessories as well as makeup!


I say splurge on deals and to avoid putting yourself into too much debt or being short on money, try to buy just a few staple items that you can re-wear with tons of other things like a good jacket, some cute stylish pants that you can dress up or down as needed and a pair of COMFY dressy shoes!  Those are just my tips but be wise and only buy things you feel comfortable in or KNOW you will wear- Ive bought plenty of items that still have tags on them or that got worn once and it ended up being a waste of my money and closet/bureau space Smiley Wink

Luv&Lipgloss, Diana

Re: What are the trends that I should be catching onto?

I definitely agree with picking up a fashion mag to see what hot now.  One of my must haves is the Harpers Bazaar Fall Edition!  I saw a lot of cat eyes, orange shadows, and bright red or wine hued lips.  For nails, I saw plays on black nails (half moons, black w/ accents, etc), deep shades, like burgundy and metallics.  


Fashion wise, I'm not the trendiest.  I like the classics & adding a fun accent for the season, so I don't break the bank.  I did go to the Nords Sale over the weekend & splurged on a new Kate Spade bag...  My statement piece for the fall Smiley Happy


xo, Mia

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