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What are MUA favorite products and must haves

I'm thinking about going to beauty school, i've always loved makeup even though i'm a noob! I want to learn more and have fun with it! Who is a makeup artist and can give me some tips! Like what should beginner MUA have and what are the most important things to remember? I like to research and know things before I start taking classes for it. What are the most highly demanded looks, and what are the most versatile eye shadow colors? I appreciate all feedback Smiley Happy <3

Re: What are MUA favorite products and must haves



The most important tips I have are below. I've been doing makeup for a long time both as a freelance artist, for TV, and for different brands. The few things I've learned made a HUGE difference!


1. Good brushes are an investment for success. The better quality of a brush you have and the better you take care of them? They can last you a LONG time and honestly do make a difference in how your makeup goes on and looks on for both yourself and your clients!


2. Practice makes perfect! It took me awhile to get the hang of applying liquid liner, lashes and especially blush! Really developing an eye for color matching takes time as well so just keep trying and working on it even if you make mistakes! Smiley Happy


3. Any look can be in demand- I've worked with clients who wanted a full heavy face of special night out makeup, clients who want neutral yet long lasting wedding makeup, and clients who want JUST tinted moisturizers and clear mascara. Trends come and go but the skill to put on a basic lip and eye will never change! As long as you have those down you can easily bounce from one style to the next with ease- It's totally a matter of how comfortable you are with it!


As for versatile eye colors, stick to nude browns, taupes, greys and matte colors. These are all flattering and easy to blend and work with for nearly all skin tones- So are dark grey liners rather than black. They give a subtle pop of color and intensity to the eyes without being too harsh.


I never went to makeup school but did go to certification trainings and classes from the brands I worked with and that, combined with working with other coworkers really taught me a lot. So much fun and I really enjoy the feeling I get from making someone look and feel pretty and happy-  you will love it!

Luv&Lipgloss, Diana

Re: What are MUA favorite products and must haves

Thank you! You're so nice you always respond to my threads! <3 Thanks so much, you're very informative. I did my mothers makeup for a few occasions and she thanks me to this day because not only did I help her look amazing, I helped her feel amazing and I want to be able to give more people that feeling, because it felt great! Can you tell me what brands you use the most? Esp. when it comes to makeup brushes. I plan to buy a set and don't know if I should go to mac or sephora? 

Re: What are MUA favorite products and must haves

You're quite welcome! Smiley Happy


Honestly I use SUCH an array of brands.. My brushes are primarily made from Lancome, Mac and Sephora Pro Collection- Keeping your brushes clean and dry keeps them lasting for ages! Smiley Happy Another great brush line is Bobbi Brown- A bit longer in the handle but amazing for getting a light or heavy application depending on what you want. Smiley Happy


What I like best are the Sephora collection sets because it's such a great deal and for some of the best quality in brushes I've seen without breaking the bank- plus they're made in France which makes me feel fancy!


As for makeup, everything is good! It's a matter of finding what you like and what you can work with. If you have a favorite line, stick with it! Smiley Happy

Luv&Lipgloss, Diana
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