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What Do You Do To Stay BEAUTIFUL In The Heat And Humidity?

The official start to Summer will soon be upon us and I want to know how you beautiful people stay looking your best in the heat and humidity aside from using air conditioning.  How do you stay lovely while having cocktails or dining al fresco? 

Personally, I have to wear natural fibers in the Summer.  Polyester and other synthetics always  wilt me faster than hot bacon on a salad. I think I need to find a good oil free moisturizer even though my skin is normal to dry.  I would like one  that includes an spf.  Any suggestions?

OK, let's all grab a cold drink and chat about being the coolest beauties on the boardwalk!  Smiley Happy

Re: What Do You Do To Stay BEAUTIFUL In The Heat And Humidity?

I dress in layers.  Now that it's getting warmer (although we have coolish weather today) I'll be in capris for most of the summer.  I'm always cold in the AC, so I'll have on a cotton top with a sweater along.  I also have a couple of new Dri-weave polo shirts to try out. Men's fashions have had these for a couple of years and my husband loves them and they're just starting to make them for women.


I spend too much of my day in the office to dress really lightly.  I do like to walk at lunch time, which means sunscreen.  So I end up taking a shower after I get in.  I can already tell I better pack stuff to wash my hair on really warm days because my scalp will start to get warm and that's one of the best ways to cool down.


I also try to drink even more water, which seems to help me stay cooler.  And I'm definitely going through my sample collection looking for a lighterweight moisturizer!  I'm planning to try my Boscia sample, which is rather lightweight.  It's only SPF 15 so I will have to add more sunscreen for extended stays outdoors.

Re: What Do You Do To Stay BEAUTIFUL In The Heat And Humidity?

Fun topic! Here are my summer beauty essentials (face and body!)


- Cotton and linen clothes and avoiding black shades as they absorb heat!


-Makeup setting sprays and facial mists for extra hydration throughout the day.


-lip balm and gloss!


-Daily SPF on my face ( I love the Algenist spf 50 because it is lightweight AND oil free)


- Body SPF! very important to keep from burns and also keep my skin looking and feeling hydrated. 

Luv&Lipgloss, Diana

Re: What Do You Do To Stay BEAUTIFUL In The Heat And Humidity?

I love this topic Smiley Happy.


  • Light sheer shirts with tanks underneath!
  • Face mists on warm days or after days spent at the beach (like Diana said).
  • SPF products! Rather it's a lip balm or a BB nothing is worse than peeling.
  • Plenty of water. I have a cute tumbler that I try to fill up 4-5 times a day. Water is one of the most important things within my beauty routine. It flushes out toxins and keeps the skin healthy Smiley Happy.
Whimsically yours,

Re: What Do You Do To Stay BEAUTIFUL In The Heat And Humidity?

I definitely wear the coolest clothing I can find but a lot of mine are made from cotton because that just seems to breathe on me the best. And then just my good old stand by powder foundation. As far as the SPF I agree with the others on the Algenist. Smiley Happy

Re: What Do You Do To Stay BEAUTIFUL In The Heat And Humidity?

This summer, I timed it perfectly so I will be in my third trimester all summer. Smiley Tongue  Woo!  haha


And also unfortunately, I am growing out of the maternity clothes that I used during my first pregnancy.  My legs are swelling up more for this one so my pants aren't fitting right, and I am gaining a little more weight so the XS and S shorts that I had for the first one aren't very comfortable.  Plus, who wants to wear full-panel pants over her stomach during summer??!


That being said, I am wearing my maternity dresses.  I only have 4 and I've been determined not to spend any money on maternity clothes this time around (we'll see about that...) so I've been doing a lot of laundry.  The result is that I actually look a lot more pulled together and nice than I would have if I wore pants and shorts.


I have a huge water bottle and I've been drinking mint-infused water with mint from my garden.  I boil the water, put the mint in, then put it in the fridge so it really tastes like mint.


I have also put aside my foundation and I've been using BB cream more with my NARS loose powder.


Instead of a heavy lotion, I make sure the end of my shower is cold, then step out of the shower and put on Soap & Glory The Righteous Body Butter while my skin is still wet, and it glides on easily and saves me from putting on a lot of product.  Then I air dry while I put my SPF on my face.


Finally, I started wearing perfume, DKNY Be Delicious Fresh Blossom to feel fresh all day!

Re: What Do You Do To Stay BEAUTIFUL In The Heat And Humidity?

Drinks with cucumber, mint, or watermelon will help to cool you down. Natural fibers for clothing are best, and espadrilles are great for letting your feet breathe (awesome for the beach too as an alternative to sandals)...flowy fabrics and maxi dresses are wonderful too.


I'm all about the Peter Thomas Roth CC Cream and setting w/ Clinique's Redness Powder. I use a face oil my friend makes as a moisturizer/ treatment underneath. The Algenist Sunscreen Diana mentioned is excellent.

Re: What Do You Do To Stay BEAUTIFUL In The Heat And Humidity?

I gave up years ago.  When I'm hot, I sweat and my combo/oily skin gets extra oily!  By then, who cares?  I'm an oily, sweaty mess.  For clothes, I find I wear more tanks with sweaters or dressy jackets along with dress pants to work.  The minute I'm outside, off comes the sweater or jacket.  At home, I wear t-shirts or tanks and jeans.  I also have a manual fan--you know, the kind that folds up, then you pull apart and hold in your hand like cards to fan yourself.  Boy does that come in handy when you're having a hot flash (forget summer!).


@makeupmaven - How do you like the PTR CC Cream?  I'm interested in getting a sample.  I'm combo/oily and pastey white (UD Naked 1.0 is a smidge too dark).  Any thoughts?

Re: What Do You Do To Stay BEAUTIFUL In The Heat And Humidity?

I adore it, but to be honest the Light/ Medium shade might be a little bit too dark for you (try a sample in store if you can). I'm pretty tan right now (and I like to go a little darker) so I use Medium/ Tan.


Tanks, bikinis (when you're in the right location), shorts, coverups etc are a must for staying cool...water, coconut water too! Luckily it's never crazy hot in San Francisco!

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