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Wedding makeup

Hi! I am looking for a full coverage foundation that'll last, works with my Lora mercier primer, photograph's well. I have normal/combo skin type. I want a very glam look

Re: Wedding makeup

I recommend the Estee Lauder Double Wear, NARS Sheer Glow/Sheer Matte, or the Hourglass Immaculate Liquid Powder Foundation. All of these have medium to full coverage, last long, have a beautiful finish, and look great in photographs. They also won't look cakey or dry if you layer and build the coverage. 


I have used both the NARS and the Estee Lauder when taking flash photos and they look AMAZING. 

Re: Wedding makeup

Does the formula work with other primers? Do I need to worry about SPF?

Re: Wedding makeup

Mineral based SPF (or physical) sources like titanium dioxide or zinc are more reflective and can give skin the appearance of added shine; however, consider the order in which products are used. For example, if your moisturizer has SPF but you layer on top primer, foundation, concealer, powder, blush, etc. all without SPF sources then it's less likely that cameras will pick up on that reflective mineral aspect, but if your were to use a mineral-based finishing powder (for example, Bare Minerals' Mineral Veil SPF 25) over everything then you're essentially having that final step laden with a reflective component.


Chemical SPF sources are absorbed into skin and don't remain at the surface like mineral/physical sunscreens do, thus minimizing the reflective quality you would run into with the above SPF sources.


Mineral components are quite common through cosmetics, even if it's not via sunscreen sources so to minimize less than flattering translations to camera look for brands that are more camera-friendly like MUFE or Smashbox. There is also the ability to utilize HD (high definition), or silica based powders over any source of make up to make it more camera-ready.


The above page has a full break down on how to incorporate silica based powders into a make up regimen, how to minimize the white cast on skin when too much is applied (a quick Google search on celebs with HD powder mishaps will illustrate this), and addition tips and techniques on application.


Silica based powders, like with all sorts of make up, do require a learning curve (I provided many illustrations and visuals in the above thread), but it's not impossible to master. The reasoning for the mishaps that pepper tabloids is due to a combination of silica powder being loaded onto skin too heavily and then the degree of lighting caused from flash photography. 


Search out Nicole Kidman at the Nine movie premiere and see how in certain photos the dusting of white powder along her face is more tell-tale in some photographs more than others and then notice the strength in lighting. Again, these mishaps can be avoided by following the tips in the above thread and even taking test images with flash or with your photographer. 


There is a wide array of powders that do not cause flashback, the key with any powder is proper usage/application.


Mineral powders or powders with a mineral sunscreen (titanium/zinc) are more prone to flashbacks as they form a physical shield on skin to protect against UV rays, this in turns can reflect back the light cast from flash photography; however, there are "camera friendly" brands of mineral powder like Smashbox's HALO (Smashbox is a line designed and tested for photo-safe wear).


Mineral powders (for example, Bare Minerals) can be lightly finished with silica based powders (or "high definition/HD powders") to make them camera safe due to the silica particles being used are spherical and help diffuse light around skin/make up for a more even disbursement of lighting and thus giving a more flawless look to skin.


The problem with HD/silica powders arise when they are treated and used like a traditional powder (for example, something talc based) that is either translucent or has a slight tint. Traditional powders are essentially "flat" when they're photographed and don't reflect or diffuse like mineral or silica aspects so they're used to touch up, absorb excess moisture in make up, tone down shine, and even layered heavily under the eye if a more dramatic or shadow-heavy look is required to "catch" falling shadow and then all brushed off so that foundation/complexion make up isn't bothered by smudges or shadow traces. Since silica based powders are colorless and so fine in texture, being able to detect a heavy amount is difficult, hence why celebrities have their photos pop up with white blotches of powder on their skin when cameras go flashing. When layered too heavily, the silica spheres just pack on top of one another, not allowing light to be properly dispersed and diffused, hence that chalky/opaque white cast to be reflected.


With the use of "traditional" powders that aren't heavily mineral based or silica based, the chances for flashback are indeed taken down; however, the lack of flashback doesn't take away all chances for it to still photograph poorly either. Obviously a person's skin and its texture will greatly affect and contribute to how a powder wears, also considering products used in conjunction with the powder; however, an overabundance of powder can give skin a chalky, dry, or even aged look as though no one wants to appear shiny in photos, having too matte of a look can also be associated with not having a vibrancy or natural glow to the skin that is associated with youth. Powders can range in texture and it's always to my preference to suggest finding a powder that feels as smooth to the touch as possible as this means it has undergone a finer milling process, making the particles smaller and more refined, lessening the chances for it to translate poorly during wear. A finely milled powder can feel almost emollient between finger tips, powders that feel gritty or rough won't wear as smooth on the skin.


VIB/Rouge members can access the above info complete with visuals from Nicole Kidman at the premiere in the below:



Re: Wedding makeup

Thank you! I read every word!!!! fan brush! I love that I have another use! Have you tried the Dior air flash? I was also recommended the givenchy photo'perfexion?

Re: Wedding makeup

I've played with aerosol foundations like ones from Dior and Napoleon Perdis before; however, I prefer traditional airbrushing techniques if one were to go that route. Sephora also has an aerosol foundation option and from my experience, you really need to determine the look you're wanting to go for. These can be built up for fuller coverage; however, you'll run through it a lot quicker, but you can use it as a layering piece over a more traditional source of foundation or even blend it out/apply it with a sponge or brush still.


I haven't gotten a chance to experiment and use the Givenchy; however, the SPF source is mineral-based (titanium dioxide), but again, because it will get layered with powder and other products on top, the chances for flashback will be minimized if any.



Re: Wedding makeup

Most tradition airbrushes also require a specific primer to go with the formula of the makeup being applied. You don't want to use a silicone based primer with a water based foundation. I have had good luck with the Tarte brightening primer for this. 

Re: Wedding makeup

Thanks for sharing more insight! Smiley Happy


More information on airbrushing can be found here if anyone's up for a read:

Re: Wedding makeup

Hi toshfeb,


I definitely recommend trying Diorskin Airflash Spray Foundation for your wedding day. This foundation is my favorite to wear for special events or when I know I will have a lot of pictures taken. Smiley Happy

This foundation is definitely full coverage but it still manages to look natural and radiant on the skin. My favorite way to use it is to lightly spray it on my face and then blend it in with a damp beauty blender. It is absolute perfection!


<3, Randee
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