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Wedding needed!

Yes, my wedding is this weekend. I have been trying endless combinations of eyeshadow and lipstick the last few days. I already had tons of makeup but none of it seems to be looking right. I need an eyeshadow look that is sexy and complimentary but also not anything too harsh. I tend to go more towards lighter shades on the inside of the lid and darker on the outside. This always looks good for my skin tone and face. (I have a medium skin tone) I was thinking of purchasing the Naked 2 pallette from Urban Decay or the Natural Eye pallette from Too Faced. I was really interested in the Naked Eye pallette but the only Sephora around me is completely out and it costs too much to ship in 2 days. I also need a good color lipstain. I tried the YSL lipstain in shade 23 but it is way too dark. It seems that all of those shades are too dark or way too light. I tend to go more towards purplish colors. Any advise on eye pallettes or lipstains? Anything will help. And I really don't want to waste more and more money on stuff that doesn't work. THANKS!! Smiley Happy

Re: Wedding needed!

If you really want the Naked palette, there's places other than Sephora that carry it like ulta so you can check there since you're pressed for time. The best thing that you can do right now is either get your makeup done by a makeup artist exactly how you want it, or look up beauty looks on youtube. Youtube is really great because you can always find someone with a similar skintone/features that you have, so whatever colors they are using should look great on you too. I really love this wedding makeup look from pixiwoo:

Re: Wedding needed!

thanks for posting this video sephoramusthave!!!

I absolutely love it (and kristen stewart/bella swan)

This channel is great, i suscribed to it just now...

Re: Wedding needed!

Congratulation!  It sounds like you're starting to stress a little.  Take a deep breath and keep your makeup simple. Think of your wedding makeup as stage makeup; makeup that can be seen farther away and through bright lights.  Wear looks that are similiar to what you normally wear (the face that he fell in love with) but with a little heavier hand and use products, such as primers and lipstains, with more staying power to last through the ceremony and reception. 


You may want to experiment with some contouring and highlighting, but nothing too drastic to make you look unnatural.  There is a thread, "Experimenting with new makeup," where lylysa shows a wonderful diagram and tutorial of highlighting and contouring.  Check it out!


Remember, you will be glowing from within.  So, let your natural beauty shine through.  Best wishes for a happy and healthy future!

Re: Wedding needed!

First off, congrats on your wedding! Smiley Happy I bought the Naked 2 pallet a while ago and it's pretty awesome. I chose the Naked 2 pallet over the Naked pallet because I felt like the colors all worked a bit better together than the Naked pallet. (I'm a bit obsessed with browns and taupes!) What I do sometimes is use the color Foxy as a base (going from lashline to just below the brow bone), then use Suspect across the lid. Then I use Snakebite in the crease and a bit on the outer corner. I blend those one's, then line my upper lashline with Blackout and smudge it in. Bootycall is an excellent highlight color, so I use that on my brow bone and inner corner. Lastly, I use Suspect and Snakebite along the lower lashline and blend blend blend! It's a less harsh version of a smokey eye.


As for lips, if you did go with a bit of a bolder eye, I'd stick with something softer. Like maybe NARS Satin Lip Pencil in Rose Pink?

Re: Wedding needed!

Hi lsharp5,


Congratulations! How exciting, getting ready for your wedding! I've done a ton of bridal makeup and i tend to do exactly what you've described as your "typical" look of light on the inner corners & darker on the outer. Both palettes you are considering would be perfect for that. I would definitely pick it up as soon as you can, as you want to play around with it before the weekend.


A beauty blogger I follow (vegas_nay) posted this gorgeous eye look that is almost exactly my go-to wedding look with the Naked2 Palette

Urban Decay - Naked2


I'd pair it with a pinky-nude lip, like the Tarte Glamazon Pure Performance 1-Hour Lipstick in Enlightened or Pure. Both are natural & look fab paired with a dramatic eye Smiley Happy

Tarte - Glamazon™ Pure Performance 12-Hour Lipstick


Good luck & congrats again Smiley Happy


xo, Mia


Re: Wedding needed!

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