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Wedding craziness

I am doing a bride and her 7 bridesmaids makeup for a wedding my biggest concern will be having foundation that matches them. What should I do?


Re: Wedding craziness

For the wedding I was in, the makeup artist (been in the business a long time) told us a liquid brand, then I went to Sephora, they suggested a shade..this was a month or so beforehand, so we could see how the foundation worked with our skin. On the big day, I think I took the foundation from earlier with me and she used that and another shade and painted came out natural looking.

Re: Wedding craziness

When I got married, the woman who did my makeup, asked me to bring my own foundation, because I knew what worked on my skin and what didn't. I didn't mind at all. Because I knew it was something I loved and was able to handle my oily skin, I was able to feel confident in it, rather than worry about my foundation.

Re: Wedding craziness

I didn't know it was an option to have the clients bring their own foundation in.  I always assumed that part of getting your makeup done professionally was getting matched.  I'm guessing you're just starting off as a makeup artist since you don't already have a kit that includes foundations.  I'd say first thing's first: decide what kind of foundation you want to use.  I think a lot of people would go with a creme stick foundation so you could contour more easily. 


Figure out how much of your budget you can allot towards foundations and buy as many as you can in the widest range that you can.  For example, if foundations go on a scale of 1-10, and you can only afford 3, buy #1, #5, and #10, and then worry about mixing them later to accommodate the intermediary tones.  I'd also suggest picking up a few color correctors, that way you can adapt to different skin tones. 


For example, someone is a #7 but they're a little more pink than #7 by itself (which you'd get from mixing #5 and #10) add some green to tone the pink down.  Depending on what foundation you get, some of them even come in warm/cool/neutral undertones.  That throws a wrench in the works because then you have warm/cool/neutral 1-10.  In that case I'd do cool #1 (since pale people tend to be cool); neutral #5; and warm #10.  That way you'd be able to cover the gamut of colors by mixing your three foundations.

Re: Wedding craziness

If you are worried that you don't have colors in your MUA kit that will match skin tones you can ask the clients to bring their own foundation and make up, and then you can apply.  I've had a MUA ask me to bring foundation since I was the first white client she had, and I've also brought ALL of my make up along with me to various shoots if I knew the MUA was just starting out and didn't have very good products.  I don't think it is a big deal to bring along my own make up as long as the MUA makes it clear that I need to bring it.


Re: Wedding craziness

HI lexigab,


Foundation matching has to be one of the hardest & time consuming parts of makeup.  I feel your pain.... I did 8 girls, including myself, for my sisters wedding!  Luckily I knew all of the ladies, so I had a fairly good idea of what everyone would be.  A good suggestion would be to ask the ladies what they currently use, so you can have a guideline for what you should bring.  My kit consists of cream foundations & MUFE foundation powder to set/contour, which is a bit more forgiving if you accidentally use the wrong shade.  You can also ask the bride to send you photos of her entourage Smiley Wink  Ohh and make sure you're giving yourself enough time & a little bit of a bumper between the gals, so if you happen to take a little longer, you wont be flustered Smiley Wink  Good luck!!


xo, Mia

Re: Wedding craziness

Thank you all so much such great advice yes I am just starting out doing make up semi professionally, other than doing a few girls at a time for a party that I knew this is a totally different experience! Any info on where I could get a kit??

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