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Water proof mascara

I'm looking for a good water proof mascara. I've started having to use a lot of eye drops for an eye issue recently, so I need something gentle, but that will stay put. I love my Fairy Drops mascara, but it isn't waterproof.

Re: Water proof mascara

Bummer! I'm a fan and user of Fairy Drops, and though it's water resistant (no runs when I need to add eye drops for my contacts), it's not made to hold up to constant introduction to water or moisture.


Try Urban Decay's Cannonball. I've used that stuff and stand by it as my favorite waterproof mascara!


I had it on with a full face of make up once, hopped in the shower and rubbed my face, forgetting I still had make up on. As soon as I remembered I pulled my hands away, seeing streaks of my eye shadow and colored liner, but not a smudge of black anywhere.


I even wiped my face with my towel and saw make up traces, but no black mascara marks!


Since the formula is pretty quick-drying, try to layer it over your Fairy Drops as that one has super hydrating and conditioning benefits and properties, that way you're not just drying out your lashes with a waterproof product, but having it seal over what you use!

Re: Water proof mascara

That is an awesome idea! Thanks for the suggestions!

Re: Water proof mascara

Our pleasure! Smiley Very Happy




Re: Water proof mascara

I love UD eye makeup!

Re: Water proof mascara

Hello Kay812, 


Finding a waterproof mascara that doesn't interefere with eye drops can be tricky as each mascara can have a different effect on everyone. I wear contacts and constantly use drops to keep my eyes hydrated so I know exactly how you feel.


I'd suggest you try Blinc Kiss Me mascara which has a tubing effect on the lashes so you get the length and definition but don't have to worry about the mascara smudging or smearing since it can only be removed with cleanser and warm water while the little "tubes" slide off.


Blinc Mascara


Another favorite of mine is the Clinique High Impact Extreme Waterproof which is gentle, dermatologist tested and gives full lashes with a light formula to prevent smudging and smearing easily!


High Impact Extreme Waterproof Mascara

Luv&Lipgloss, Diana

Re: Water proof mascara

Good point about how the formulation of the eye drops can have a say in things as well, Diana!


To Kay, you can even run through the ingredients with your eye doc to be sure things are good to go on certain mascaras you're considering just to be sure they're safe to use with the drops you have!

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