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Could someone PLEASE suggest a good wrinkle filler that I could use on my moderately deep 11 lines between my brows?? These really bother me and I'm not sure about doing Botox yet!! Thanks so much! Smiley Surprised)


Hi A2z1,


We carry a variety of fantastic targeting products for wrinkles!  Two of my favorite brands for those pesky lines are Peter Thomas Roth & StriVectin.  I would suggest trying the StriVectin Power Serum for Wrinkles.  They have a fun starter kit which includes it and two other popular products to combat anti-aging Smiley Happy

Power Trio for Wrinkles>

StriVectin - StriVectin™ Power Trio For Wrinkles

You can also take a look at the Peter Thomas Roth Un-Wrinkle Kit, which includes the Un-Wrinkle® Turbo Face Serum.  Its amazing>

Peter Thomas Roth - Un-Wrinkle® Kit


Hope that helps!


xo, Mia


Hi, thank you Smiley Surprised) I was wondering about the Strivectin products and as far as PTR, I have a small sample of instant firmx and can't figure out how to use it, just stays white, even a very small amount and then if you splash w?water like suggested then it comes off and wrinkles are exposed again..any ideas on how to use this? Smiley Surprised)


The Instant FirmX is applied & let dry.  Once dried, splash area with water to remoisten & remove.  I generally pat the area gently to remove any excess product Smiley Happy  It can be a little confusing at first, but it I love that you can see the results immediately!!


This is how I'am using it, but when you rinse and pat it dry it comes off and wrinkles are exposed again???? What am I doing wrong? I'm sorry, I don't understand how to use this product, wish very much that I could master it because it does seem to help when it's dry and white!


That is correct.   You are removing the product when you wet it.  It does its job when it dries, then you remove it Smiley Happy  I know, its confusing!!  No need to worry, you're doing it right Smiley Wink


Someone asked a question like this not to long ago and this is what one of the Soap & Glory - The Fill Monty Instant Facial Line Fillerexperts recommended.


I am a huge fan of Murad products and I love the Time Release Retinol Concentrate for deep wrinkles.  I call it the "wrinkle pen."  It's not an instant fix, but if you use it regularly you will notice the fine wrinkles disappear & the deper ones lighten up.


There are lots of great creams out there, but let's be honest.  If your 11's are pretty deep, your best hope is Botox.  If you go to an experienced provider, it's really a piece of cake.  I'm a big fan of many natural anti-aging products out there, but they can only do so much.  And they are great to even better your appearance after the Botox, or serve as maintenance.  But, if your lines are that deep and bother you, you're gonna spend all kinds of money on creams when you can just take the plunge and get the Botox.  You'll just end up getting it anyway in the end Smiley Happy


Ahh, back on the hunt for something other than Botox!


I recall recommending the Murad Time Release Retinol Concentrate for you in your Botox thread.


I've give you a bit of info on the product and the active ingredients you should look for in general in anti-aging product with a focus on lines/wrinkles.


Retinol itself is a major anti-aging, heavy hitter as it address virtually all signs and factors of aging because it helps to not just resurface the topical layers of skin, but also work on a cellular level to promote healthier cell regeneration. This makes it great to soften the appearance of fine lines, deep wrinkles, sagging skin/loss of elasticity, and even dark spots/age spots. An important factor that comes with retinol is that since it's quite potent, it's key to start with an introductory period rather than jump right into a retinol based product which may in turn cause skin to be a bit sensitized. Retinol classified as "retinyl palmitate/acetate or vitamin A" is at it's lowest dervitive, making it not as potent and very gentle. When it's in a "time release/encapsulated" formula or deemed a "retinoid", it's stronger, but the time release aspect allows for a more gradual dosage that is much easier for skin to handle. When retinol is labled as "retinol" itself, it's at its most potent form so be wise when starting treatment use. Use retinol at night every third night for up to 7 uses to see how your skin reacts, again, a mild form of sensistivity or even redness may occur, but if any pain, swelling, or irritation occur, stop usage. If no major matters arise, bump it to use every other night until you feel you may ease into nightly applications. Using it at night allows for a better absorbtion of product as your skin will get to rest and regenerate while taking in the active ingredient as opposed to day time where your skin is facing more elements like air borne pollutants and the sun, again, retinol works as a strong resurfacing agent, chemically exfoliating the skin, but sure to always use a topical SPF product to maintain and preserve the results you get.


Another more instanteous result-giving ingredient are peptides. Peptides come in a range from oligopeptides, matrixyl, tripeptides, and more. Peptides are absorbed and target areas in skin that are lacking or suffer from damaged collagen and elastin. These particles fill in those "gaps" and plump up, increasing in size and thus increasing the volume and suppleness of skin. Peptides begin working and softening the visual appearance of lines/wrinkles anywhere from 2-20 minutes of application normally.


Another ingredient that works similarly are humectants. Humectants like sodium hyaluronate or hyaluronic acid being healthy moisture particles to skin, working like peptides to "plump" and firm up areas. 


The Murad product contains all three for a powerful punch. Smiley Happy

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