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Using all one skin-care line, and is it good to use a toner?

Hello! So I used to be very simple. Neutrogena face wash and my clinique gel and done! But I am 23, my skin has been changing and I want to take care of the only face god has granted me to have.


I recently started using checks and balances by origin, and it's eh. It's not bad, it's not amazing, it's just fine. It cleanses, sometimes is a bit tight and sticky, but it's not making my face break out.


I still use my dramatically different clinique gel and have recently started using Caudalie sorbet for evenings. (Although I think this is making me break out a bit?)


I use kate sommerville exfolikate once every few days in the shower to ex-foliate and use the origins charcole mask one in a while when I feel gross and dull.


Anyways. My question is, should I try to use all items from  one skin care?


And is a toner a good idea to combine into my skin care? (I've heard they help keep oil at bay and really clean your skin, but I am afraid they will dry me out due to the astringent(sp?) )


I have combo skin, very oily in my t-zone, it's somewhat sensitive and I don't normally break out a lot just little pimples here and there, although I do have white-heads and black-heads from time to time and larger pores.


Also, is there a good treatment to use on pimples if one comes up that I can put on right away to keep it from growing and makes it go away?


Thanks a bunch!! :]



Re: Using all one skin-care line, and is it good to use a toner?

skin care line* Ahhh

Re: Using all one skin-care line, and is it good to use a toner?

Hi liveinlovexx,


Using all the skincare from one line is a personal preference. While some brands sware that you get the best results by using all of their products together, I use a number of different ones (as do many other people!) and it's fine. Smiley Happy


I would suggest that if you have combination skin, the Caudalie Sorbet may be a bit too heavy for you- You want to keep your skin hydrated but not TOO moisturized and the sorbet is a bit more for dry skin types.  You can use your Clinique lotion at night if you wish, and I'd swap to a lotion with an SPF for daytime use instead. If you are prone to breakouts or oiliness, try the Murad SPF 15 Mattifier which is oil free and keeps shine away while protecting your skin from UVA/UVB damage.


Oil-Control Mattifier SPF 15


A toner is a great addition to your skincare routine as it helps to remove buildup, left over makeup, and debris that can cause breakouts. Just by using one I'm pretty sure you'll see a huge decrease in breakouts or blemishes you may get!


Try a lightweight one, nothing too intense- I love the Lancome Tonique Douceur which is alcohol free and not too drying, or try the Boscia Balancing Facial tonic which is great for combination skin types.


TONIQUE DOUCEUR - Alcohol-Free FreshenerBalancing Facial Tonic


As for blemishes, I like to use the Kate Somerville EradiKate which is super drying and clears bacteria, and I also like the Clinique Acne Solutions Emergency Gel-Lotion.


EradiKate Acne Treatment Acne Solutions Emergency Gel-Lotion


Try to visit your local store for a few samples of moisturizers to try out! Smiley Happy





Luv&Lipgloss, Diana

Re: Using all one skin-care line, and is it good to use a toner?

From a scientific perspective, it can be helpful to use products from the same line.  Supplements can be from outside that brand, but basic, daily care should stay from within just because they're formulated to work together chemically.

Re: Using all one skin-care line, and is it good to use a toner?

Thanks dianabt for the awesome product suggestions. I was looking into eradikate for a while but haven't taken the plunge, perhaps this is the sign I needed to do that! ;]


One more question, in the three step program clinique offers, instead of a toner they have a clarifying lotion which is liquid and looks just like toner. Is this the same? :]

Re: Using all one skin-care line, and is it good to use a toner?

Yes, that is their Toner.  I personally have found that, even though I have Combo skin that can break out fairly easily, I can't use their #3 formula because it's too harsh.  Nor can I use their liquid cleanser made for combo/oily skin.  I have to use their "Mild" formula in their liquid cleansers.


Right now, I'm finishing up a line of Renee Rouleau's products (phenomenal!), and I think I'll put myself back on to Clinique's 3-step system since it does work, is simple, and is cost effective.

Re: Using all one skin-care line, and is it good to use a toner?

jenny I just now saw you replied! Thanks for more useful info!

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