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Uneven, oily skin with large pores

Hi! I have had very oily skin for as long as I can remember. I feel as though that that is the root of all my problems. My skin is uneven, with acne scarring, large pores and blackheads. I am currently using the Cover FX primer with acne gel and at first it helpes but now I see that it has stopped helping my skin. I am looking for something that will keep my skin from getting oily and causing my makeup to run, also for foundation that doesn't look to cakey on my very oily skin.

Re: Uneven, oily skin with large pores

Hi, I had the same problem as you. I went through so many primers trying to find one that actually mattified my face. I got tired of my glasses slipping down my oily face (gross, I know, but I wanted to give you an idea of how oily my face gets after a couple of hours. This is what I have found that works for my face, but keep in mind that everyone's skin is different and what may work for me may not work for you. It took me MONTHS of going to my local Sephora and annoying all the workers asking for samples of 5 different things every week.


First, even though you have oily skin, you still need to moisturize. I use Murad's Skin Perfecting Lotion for blemish prone/oily skin, This stuff is great because it also helps minimize redness from acne.


If that doesn't work you may also want to try Dr. Dennis Gross's TriFix Oil-Free Moisturizer. The Murad one worked better for my skin but this one is good too.


As for primers, I recently found the PERFECT one for my oily, sensitive, irritated, acne ridden skin. I've been using Miracle Skin Transformer for about a week and I'm in love with it. It absolute mattifies and also evens out my skintone and holds my makeup so well. It is expensive but if you have a Sephora near you I would go in and ask for a sample.


Lastly, you may want to look into a setting powder if you don't already use one. Not only do they absorb oil, but they also set your makeup and keep it from running. I use Smashbox's Photo Set Finishing Powder.


That was a lot longer than expected but I hope this helps you. Good luck!

Re: Uneven, oily skin with large pores

Thank you so much for your help! I'll go into sephora as see what they can help me with. One question though, does the setting powder cake up if you apply it throughout the day?

Re: Uneven, oily skin with large pores

You're welcome!


As for the setting powder, they should not cake up. The Smashbox one is a loose powder that looks white but goes on translucent. You literally cannot even see it once it goes on. I don't even need to apply it during the day for touchups. I just dust a light coat over my whole face in the morning after I apply my foundation and concealer and I'm set for the day. They're designed specifically to be invisible so I really do not think it would cake up. I would look for one that's in a loose powder form instead of a pressed powder since those may have a higher chance of caking.


Edited to add: setting powders are used to PREVENT your makeup from caking, especially your undereye concealer.

Re: Uneven, oily skin with large pores

She's not kidding about moisturizing. I used to think that because I had oily skin, I needed to dry it out. Recently I've actually started trying the tips I've been reading in the magazines and beauty books for women with oily skin. Since I started moisturizing, its helped even out my skin so much. I don't get the flakiness around my nose and mouth like I used to and I'm not seeing an increase in oil anywhere else.


I use Revlon's night moisturizing cream if I'm really dry or a couple of lighter moisturizng products for most days. Estee Lauder has a nice light moisturizing lotion and so does Mary Kay. I'm sure you could find a similar one at Sephora, their sales associates are awesome. I use an acne preventing foundation powder like Neutrogena and I love Bare Minerals powders. I like Stila Stay All Day 10 in 1 HD Beauty Primer and Benefit's Porefessional. Awesome products that smooth out your skin. I'm going to pick up a finishing powder when I get back home (I'm deployed).


Essentially, get a good face wash that doesn't dry you out too badly, a good moisturizer that's not too heavy and doesn't have oil in it, and some good quality powders. And I'm definitely going to take advantage of the free samples when I get back!


Re: Uneven, oily skin with large pores

Hi glassterrace,


I really like Benefit's POREfessional. It's ideal for oily skin types, helps minimize the appearance of visible pores, and mattifies the skin.


Benefit Cosmetics - The POREfessional

Whimsically yours,
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