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Under eye liner

How do you get, or what it is they use I see on people on TV that have their lower eye liner above the lash line, on the ridge or the lower lid next to the eyeball.

Re: Under eye liner

That's called your waterline. You have another on your upper lash line that filling in is called "tightlining." 

You want a waterproof pencil - lots of people love the Urban Decay 24/7 Liners for this. Others love the MUFE Aqua Liner Marc Jacobs Gel Crayon works well  My personal favorite is the Kat Von D Autograph Pencils

I have sensitive eyes, so I have to avoid using liners with glitter for my waterline or tightlining. It takes a little practice and trial-and-error on which liners will work for you. If you do a YouTube search for waterline and tightline, you should come up with some decent how-to results. Smiley Happy 

Re: Under eye liner

I use a pencil eyeliner, slightly pull open my eye but putting a little pressure on my cheek to open up the bottom of  eye and I run my pencil on my waterline. But because I have dry eyes or really teary eyes, depending on the season, my contacts, eye drops, etc. Mine don't last too long. But with Urban Decay 24/7 eyeliner in Zero, I get a lengthy wear. The most waterproof eyeliner I've came across is Marc Jacobs' Gel highliner. Its so waterproof that I actually had to buy a waterproof oil based eye makeup remover for it.

Or you can use a gel or cream formula that is in a pot and use a angled eyeliner brush to rim your waterline.


I really LOVE eco-tools angled eyeliner brush.


Tip: be very gentle, do it slow, and steady your hand on a desk or table. AND i would avoid using a liquid eyeliner for the waterline.

Re: Under eye liner

Yes what weeeeweeeeeee said is a suggestion! I line my upper-inner eye lid ( opthamologists' do not like this , but I have been doing it for about 15 yrs now) then after lining my upper inner eyelid I close my eyes & look up this line my lower inner eyelid, if I still want a little more on the outer lower lid, I trace lightly my lash line ,  at an angle , & use only line the lower outer lash line about 25% the reason I do inner & out Lower lash line is it makes the line less harsh , making the eye appear more open.

Re: Under eye liner

Hi lovemyhorse! 


The place that they often put eyeliner is called the waterline Smiley Happy. My favorite eyeliner to use in my waterline is the NARS Larger Than Life eyeliner. It is one of the few eyeliners that I have tried that actually stays in my waterline all day. Smiley Happy




Re: Under eye liner

Tightlining, lining the inner rims of the eyes, and lining the water line are all interchangeable phrases. Lining the outside of the lashline is different entirely.


The above thread has tons of images and references I posted to help a fellow user decipher between the techniques to achieve different eye looks.


Often times tightlining/lining the inner/waterline is used to provide a very quick, sultry and clean emphasized line to eyes. It can also be used to intensify bolder eye looks as you're enclosing the eye more and tend to use richer pigments/tones.


Lining on the outer perimeters of the lashline gives a more open look to eyes because you're still providing definition with a line, but aren't getting as close to the eye itself. 

Re: Under eye liner

Too Faced 3-way lash lining tool. 

Here's what a wrote on a similar post the other day:

" When I first started using it, I had a mirror on the counter, or stood over a magnified mirror, so I was looking down into the mirror. I gently held my lid up, and from underneath keeping the liner perpendicular to my lashline, I gently went along the line dotting between my lashes. Most of the time it does such a good job that I don't need to do anything else. If I want a more dramatic line then I would go over from the top. but to do that, I need to pull at the corner of my eye and I hate doing that (don't want to cause wrinkles Smiley Very Happy ), so I try to avoid that.
If you dot a few times back & forth, you'll eventually get a line, and can't see the dots. After practice, it takes close to zero time to complete.
Even though it's not advertised as being waterproof, I have gone swimming with it on and never experienced smudges or the dreaded tight-line leakage into eye balls.
To remove, I press a cotton square soaked in a cleansing water to my eye for at least 30 seconds & gently wipe away." 

Re: Under eye liner

Also, the waterline is very watery and smudge-y (due to blinking and natural tears), so don't expect the eyeliner to stay long. If you want to line your waterline, then make sure to gently blot and then apply eyeliner or powder. This can help the color to stay on longer. If you wear contacts, I wouldn't recommend it. The eyeliner/powder inevitably does touch your eyeball and might irritate your eyes.


Re: Under eye liner

I live by MUFE Aqua Eyes #0L (Mat Black) for tightlining, although I am vigilant about sanitizing the eyeliner every time I use it.  Just a quick word of caution: be careful about what you stick in your eyes!

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