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I currently use the ELF Studio Tweezers but they are getting very dull and it's becoming difficult to remove the hairs I want. I bought these mainly because of the price.


What would people recommend for tweezers? I know Tweezerman and Anastasia both make them and I am looking for a pair that will last without getting dull or without getting dull for a long time.


I have naturally sparse brows (they are darker but sparse) so fill them in everyday but like to remove the extra hairs that are out of place.

Re: Tweezers?

Tweezerman's last me forever.  I also have sparse eyebrows but the extra ones are hard to get to.  I use the point tweezer - you can get at the shortest, most ingrown hairs with this.

Re: Tweezers?

Hi bleuorchild21,


I'd suggest the Tweezerman Tweezers Smiley Happy  I've had mine for almost 2 years & havent had any problems with them at all!  It still grabs every hair perfectly just like the first day I got it!


xo, Mia

Re: Tweezers?

I have 3 different pairs of tweezers - Tweezerman Slant, Tweezerman Point, Revlon Slant Deluxe Tweezers.  I use the slant tweezers to pluck my eyebrows or any stray hairs.  The point I use for short or ingrown hairs.



Re: Tweezers?

Thanks for the comments. I will be checking out the Pointed one for sure.

Re: Tweezers?

Tweezerman is great. You really can't go wrong with the basic ones. They are such great quality. I still have one I've been using that my mom gave me from back when I was a kid. (!)

Re: Tweezers?

I agree about the Tweezerman they hold up well.

Re: Tweezers?

I've had my ELF's tweezers for about two years now and they're still going strong. I don't think you can beat their price point ($1), when compared to $22 for Tweezerman and $28 for Anastasia. Even if you will be buying ELF every year for the next decade or two.

Re: Tweezers?

i have a pair of teweezer man and they work really well!  They also come with a warrantly, so if they ever do get dull (which i think is very unlikely) they will sharpen them for free!

Re: Tweezers?

Tweezermans are great and I have Anastasia ones as well, either would be a good purchase. I am just kicking myself for using my Anastasia ones for prying eyeshadows out to put in my zpalette. I bent them Smiley Sad  what was I thinking. 

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