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Try again?

I got my Kat Von D foundation and while it covers very well, the color is too dark and orangy on me.  I got Deep 66 just out of chance because I thought Medium 62 would be too light.  Would Medium 62 be the next lightest shade?  I have yellowish undertones and finding a foundation for me has always sucked.  I wear Nars powder foundation in Syracuse/Sedona and the tinted moisturizer in Seychelles.  I'll just give the deep 66 to someone since returns in the store are a pain.  They always do returns like I don't have the receipt when I do and I have to show id so now i'm left needing another foundation.

Re: Try again?

Hi Poemelyric,


The Medium 62 - Medium/golden complexion with yellow undertone will be less orange and lighter! If your purchase was made through, you can use the merchandise label to send it back to us and re-order the correct shadeSmiley Happy Please be sure to put the original order summary in the box, thank you.

<3 Melissa

Re: Try again?

Thanks!!  I'll do that!  I hate making online returns to the store!  Thanks a million!


Re: Try again?

Oh, no problem at allSmiley Happy!

<3 Melissa
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