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Travel help!

So I know there are a few posts about vacations and make up. I've looked through them and I'm not exactly getting the answers I need. My family is planning a trip to Disney World in August and I'm super excited because I havn't been in 8 years (and I'm a bit of a Disney freak...). So normally my make up isnt crazy or anything but I definitely want to wear less that usual because of heat and the time it takes me to do my make up in the morning.


I'd really like to be presentable for pictures throughout the day. I don't normally wear any type of foundation or anything like it on my skin but I feel like I need to have something to help even out my skin a bit more. I have a travel size VitaZing™ SPF 15 Energy-Boosting Moisturizer with Mangosteen from Origins (which I love their brand) but it seems to take too long to turn my shade, I'm very fair skinned. Would this work better/faster out in the sun? Any other suggestions for a light weight, easy to use and put on "something" to make my skin look better?


Then lips... I'd like some color for my lips but I don't want to have to deal with the hassle of reapplying, feathering and so on. Would a red lip be too much?


Help girls I'm going crazy! @_@

Re: Travel help!

Hi Apocalyptica!


When I'm in a hurry and want something lightweight with sun protection I always reach for a BB cream. BBs prime, hydrate, provide light coverage, and have SPF benefits as well. They can be worn on their own or underneath foundation. Dr. Jart, Tarte, Smashbox, and Clinique all make BB creams that come in very fair shades (KeelyBT swears by them). I usually will just apply my BB with my fingers, add a bit of setting powder or a setting spray, and I'm good to go!


In terms of lips I'd say go for something fun! It's Disney World so pretty much anything goes Smiley Happy. Reds are always a nice way to quickly dress up a look. The Bite Lip Layers are two lipsticks in one, which is a really really nice option for travelers.

Whimsically yours,

Re: Travel help!

I agree, a BB cream is a great idea.  If your skin tends toward being oily, try the Boscia BB cream -- it's much lighterweight than some.  (In the winter it would be too dry for me, but it was nice down at Disney.)  An alternative is to wear a moisturizer that you already have and like and then try Clarins UV Plus High Protection Day Screen tinted in light. 



This gives a decent bit of sun protection, is fairly light in color, and has enough pigment to even out skin tone without feeling like you have anything on at all.  Check it out now and buy it now if you like the color, because you'll find it harder to get toward the end of summer.  (I wore this most days at Disney last year and had a heck of a time getting my hands on it for a September vacation.  It's really a bit light for my light skin, so might be worth trying on your fair skin.)

Re: Travel help!

I have found this to look amazing on the skin even in humid climates. I wore this to a trip a summer in S.A. where humidity was crazy. It literally made my skin glow, hid imperfections, and protected me...its lightweight, gives my skin a nice glow, smells lovely and contains SPF. It never melted off my face either. Huge fan and I highly recommend it.


Re: Travel help!

My favorite for low key makeup is Smashbox BB applied with Beauty Blender, or when I'm in a rush dab on the Porefessional - it will leave your face looking flawless I promise Smiley Happy

Re: Travel help!

I would try a bb/cc if you are looking for something quick. Just beware that they will flash back  because of the spf. If you are out in the sun you won't need to use flash tho

- Smashbox CC

- Dior nudeskin bb

- Tarte bb tinted treatment

- Bobbi brown bb


If you want a red lip you can also try tarte lipsurgence for a red like fiery

Re: Travel help!

I wore Garnier BB cream (before I learned it broke me out, ugh) when I went to Disney.  Bring a travel size version of your sunscreen to apply more mid-day.  Unless your skin is really dry, I'd recommend bringing some blotting wipes as well; it's incredibly humid there, and when you add sweating... well, you get the picture.


Red lips wouldn't be too much.  I have no suggests except to make sure to protect them with SPF as well. 


Re: Travel help!

Thanks for the tips girls. I will look into each of these and see which might work best for me!

Re: Travel help!

maybe a lip stain would work better for you for lips then all you have to do is once in awhile apply a lip gloss on top if you want a sheen which you can always go without though I am not too familiar with lip stains but that sounds like something beneficial for you if you want long lasting though be careful when putting it on that stuff does not come off the skin that easily if you make a hasty mistake while applying Smiley Sad 

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