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Tinted moisturizer under foundation?

i've recently been watching one of my favorite beauty guru's and she swears by wearing a tinted moisterizer under her foundation, i just kind of don't understand why. 


to me foundations seem already moisterizer enough (i use the tarte amazonian clay foundation) and the 12 hour tarte primer, but i wanted to see if it really does make a difference in your skin maybe over time? 


ive also heard of a couple people use tinted BB cream under there foundation so it helps fight breakouts under there foundation

Re: Tinted moisturizer under foundation?

They might be doing this for better coverage. Once in a while I'll wear BB cream or TM with a small amount of foundation on top, and it helps cover my blemishes when I'm having a bad skin day.

Re: Tinted moisturizer under foundation?

i'm really thinking about getting one even for my days where i don't feel like wearing make up, i'm leaning more towards a BB cream i think

Re: Tinted moisturizer under foundation?

I often layer my favorite BB (Too Faced) with a powdered foundation for medium coverage. I really like the paring, as I am able to have some radiance along with a matte finish. I'd say give it a try. It's perfect if you want that light made up look without fully committing to a 'heavier' foundation.

Whimsically yours,

Re: Tinted moisturizer under foundation?

I agree with CrayzeeRN, some folks find a combination of products they like that give them the coverage they want. It's not foreign to layer foundations over tinted moisturizers or even BB/CC creams (as those having priming qualities too), but it's just not as common as it's often laid out to use less product as to avoid layering on too much.


Sometimes folks can't find a perfect formulation or mix so they layer and experiment.

Re: Tinted moisturizer under foundation?

yeah that make sense, thank you Smiley Happy

Re: Tinted moisturizer under foundation?

It really depends on the base ingredient of the product. For example, if I'm using my water-based Urban Defense tinted moisturizer, I have to use a water-based foundation over it. This way, they will sort of meld together and not look caked on.

The tinted moisturizer will moisturize more and smooth if you need it, but if your skin is combo/oily, you probably won't want a tinted moisturizer underneath.

Re: Tinted moisturizer under foundation?

I don't find liquid foundations to be very hydrating, so I do layer sometimes. I'll do a TM with a powder foundation, or a tinted primer with liquid foundation. It really depends on the forumlas and your skin. 


Re: Tinted moisturizer under foundation?

I've seen a few youtube gurus use bb cream then apply liquid foundation and powder after. Just personal preference. For me I would feel that's too much. Though like Janine said below, I also sometimes apply a TM or Asian BB cream and apply my MAC Studio Fix powder after. No concealer because those two together have gave me full coverage already.

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