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Time Saving Tips?

I like putting on makeup and love how it makes me look afterwards obviously, but my limiting factor is time.  On workday mornings (mon.-fri.) I only have time for face wash, prescription acne treatment topical, serum/moisturizer, undereye cream, primer, foundation, concealer, & setting spray.  Luckily that only takes me about 20-30 min. which isn't too bad I suppose.  But if I ever want to do my full face (eyeshadow, eyeliner, mascara, eyebrows, lips, blush, etc.) that can take up to 2 hours.  So I'm curious to find out how long it takes all of you to put on makeup.  I'm a perfectionist and slow at doing things (not coordinated I suppose), which is a bad combo, because it takes me forever to get things done.  My boyfriend said he had an ex-girlfriend who could do her full face (heavy makeup, goth-like I think) AND hair and it would only take her about 20 minutes.  I couldn't believe that, but then again I'm often surprised at how quickly people can do things that take me forever.  If anyone has any time-saving tips, it would be much appreciated!

Re: Time Saving Tips?

I skip acne treatment and serum in the morning cuz those work best at night anyways. I skip face wash and just wipe with a wet/damp towel, if my face is so oily I NEED to wash in the morning, that means I need to adjust my night routine. So for me it's:

- moisturizer with SPF

- hydrating or mattifying primer (depending on the season).

- TM, BB cream, foundation OR concealer on problem areas only depending on coverage.

- eyeshadow OR eyeliner

- powder or spray

- tinted lip balm.


I only do eyeshadow or eyeliner, and I usually don't wear mascara, blush (I've got too much naturally) or eyebrow stuff (I've got thick eyebrows). If I'm picky it takes me an hr, but 10-20min usually and my morning routine is usually just moisturizer + curled lashes + tinted lip balm (bonus, I can skip makeup remover step at night).

Re: Time Saving Tips?

On work days I tend to default to my quick beauty routine because I run out of time to do more. My absolutely minimal makeup essentials would be blush, mascara, and lip gloss. I feel like they really make your complexion come alive and can be applied in a matter of minutes (or even in the car while I'm on my way to work if I'm running super late). If I have a few extra minutes I will add in a BB cream, eye primer, and eyeliner. 

When I'm going out for the evening, or on weekends it probably takes me about 30-40 minutes to do full-face makeup, with the majority of that time being spent on my eyes. I love eyeshadow, especially experimenting with different colors and blending/shading, but it's a tedious process, and one that's often too time consuming for my everyday routine.

Re: Time Saving Tips?


Re: Time Saving Tips?

Agreed! A few extra minutes awake can save others life and your own!

Re: Time Saving Tips?

It takes me just under an hour from waking up to being out the door in the mornings- and I shower, wash/dry/style hair, and do a full face of makeup and skincare.


My best timesavers:

  • Decide on your outfit and makeup the night before, and lay it all out. Not having to make decisions makes things quicker.
  • You can multitask- For instance, I wash my face while the shower is heating up, and while the mirror is defogging in there, I'm elsewhere doing the rest of my skincare prior to tackling my hair (which is a giant time-suck).
  • If I didn't do my hair, I could be out the door in less than 20 minutes.  Weekdays aren't a time to experiment- save that for when you have time.

Re: Time Saving Tips?

A full face of makeup for me, if I am REALLY trying to perfect everything and use a ton of color, is about 45 mins to an hour. I've done a lot of weddings & fashion shows where I have much less than that to create a whole look, so I've gotten pretty good under the gun Smiley Wink


An every day look, I can get done in about 10-15 minutes. I have 2 girls that require a LOT of my attention in the mornings, so unless I want to wake up before them (which I DONT, i absolutely love my sleep) I have to be quick about my routine. That includes foundation, blush/bronzer/highlight, eyes (shadow, liner, mascara, brows) & lips. My one tip is not sitting down at my vanity in the mornings. I grab my products & do my makeup standing up. Once I get comfy, its all over & I can sit there forever! You might want to do a quick search on youtube for "5 minute makeup challenge" where beauty gurus try to get everything done in, you guessed it, 5 minutes! Its pretty fun to watch and a bit inspiring to see a full face done that quick!


xo, Mia

Re: Time Saving Tips?

It takes you 2 hours just to do your makeup? Hmmm.....when I do a full face it takes me 30-45 min, and that's we me really taking my time. When I watch professionals on youtube do a full face, it takes them 15 minutes or less. Do you have everything organized? If you have all of your makeup in one big bag that you have to go through to find a specific item, try updating how you store your makeup. I know that when I switched from storing my makeup in one big makeup bag to a small makeup box with 8 drawers, my getting ready time got cut by more than half. Also, try to have one little makeup bag with one complete look--that way, if you don't have the time to look around your stash and figure out what goes good with what, you can just reach for this one bag and have everything you need.


Like someone else said, unless you just worked out or didn't wash your face the night before, or unless you have oily skin, you don't need to wash your face in the AM.


And get some good cream shadows, I find that it takes me SOOO much less time to get ready when I am using cream shadows instead of powder. Quickly swipe over lid with clean fingers or brush and GO.

Re: Time Saving Tips?

My usual morning routine which is really just the basics (wash, acne treatment, moisturizer, foundation, concealer) takes me about 20-30 min.  If I were to do my full face, it takes at least 1 hour and sometimes 2.  I have everything super organized (OCD style).  I'm just really slow when it comes to doing things with precision I guess.  But with the tips everyone has suggested, I think I'll be able to improve my time/efficiency.  


One big problem is that I have very oily/acne prone skin (we're talking change the pillow case every 2 days).  Because of my acne, it's always a surprise in the morning on what my face will look like.  Sometimes I have a lot of blemishes, so more concealer is needed (and the ones hiding under my jaw line or close to my ears are a real pain).  Sometimes my skin is flaky or my pores are really dilated, so it can be difficult to get foundation to cover well.  And I've given up on trying to conceal my dark circles under my eyes, so I'm trying different eye cream treatments as a way to try and remove them somewhat.

Re: Time Saving Tips?

Have you tried a new moisturizer?  I have that problem too.  Almost 29 and still have acne like a teenager.  It's worse now than when I was a teen actually.  Moisturizing a lot helps, but it's like a second job to remember. Smiley Wink


Re: Time Saving Tips?

Yeah I experiment with different moisturizers, and I've found that I sometimes have to change moisturizers once my skin 'adapts.'  I've also started using oil (argan oil & similar types), and it really helps decrease my oil production actually and makes my face more smooth and manageable.  

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