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Time Saving Tips?

I like putting on makeup and love how it makes me look afterwards obviously, but my limiting factor is time.  On workday mornings (mon.-fri.) I only have time for face wash, prescription acne treatment topical, serum/moisturizer, undereye cream, primer, foundation, concealer, & setting spray.  Luckily that only takes me about 20-30 min. which isn't too bad I suppose.  But if I ever want to do my full face (eyeshadow, eyeliner, mascara, eyebrows, lips, blush, etc.) that can take up to 2 hours.  So I'm curious to find out how long it takes all of you to put on makeup.  I'm a perfectionist and slow at doing things (not coordinated I suppose), which is a bad combo, because it takes me forever to get things done.  My boyfriend said he had an ex-girlfriend who could do her full face (heavy makeup, goth-like I think) AND hair and it would only take her about 20 minutes.  I couldn't believe that, but then again I'm often surprised at how quickly people can do things that take me forever.  If anyone has any time-saving tips, it would be much appreciated!

Re: Time Saving Tips?

It's true. When you have acne prone skin, just the basics take forever because flawless skin is the most beautiful of all. So of course concealing blemishes and hyperpigmentation and setting the makeup is so important. Plus being perfectionist means you dwell on things other people just don't see. I've spent many a minute overly applying concealer just to realize I just caked it on or applying so much brow pencil that now my eyebrows are super dark. I recommend taking a step back from the mirror and doing a once over when you find yourself obsessing! You'd be really surprised how easy it is to get perspective and be like,"What am I doing?!" Also a small alarm clock on the counter helps. I always forget the time when I can't see it.


Re: Time Saving Tips?

If I add the time it takes to curl my hair, my morning routine would be 2 hours as well because it's just so thick and there's so much of it.  So I can sympathize!!  Straightening my hair only takes an extra hour instead of an hour and a half.  I may not have the greatest curling iron in the world.  Smiley Wink A full face of makeup takes me 30-40 minutes. 


Could you possibly cut back on the time it takes to get ready by showering and washing your hair after work?  Then you only have to straighten your hair in the morning.  I started doing that and only washing my hair every other day.  It's a lot healthier now and saves a lot of time in the morning!

Re: Time Saving Tips?

Yes, I definitely shower and wash my hair at night and that saves a significant amount of time (and since I'm not a morning person, I would likely fall asleep in the shower, which would not be a time saver to say the least).  And luckily I have stick straight hair, so my time spent on my hair in the morning is very minimal.  


Re: Time Saving Tips?

Lucky!  I always wanted stick straight hair and I'm only just now learning to love my waves.

Re: Time Saving Tips?

A full face makeup for me could take anywhere between 30-45 minutes. I like to make sure my makeup is well blended and that everything is prefect before I set my makeup and go. If you really want to save some time, you can always skip eyeshadow and just line your eyes, or go with a paint pot or creme eyeshadow all over the lid to save some time there. If I want to save time, sometimes I don't do my hair, I just comb through it. If I feel like my hair needs a little something, I would use my B&B surf spray to give a bit of texture to my hair. 

Re: Time Saving Tips?

I was thinking about this thread this AM and timed myself.  That said, I was rushed even more than usual and was out the door 42 minutes after waking up- and had time to make my bed and shower and do my hair, too.  Doing my makeup (not skincare) took 6 minutes for a full face. (concealer, foundation, powder, mascaras, eyeshadow, eyeliners, highlighter, blush, lip balm). 


It's all about finding a perfect, easy look that you can literally do in your sleep.  Then doing it over and over and over until your fingers just take over on autopilot, seriously.


That said, no way would I have been able to do get ready in that little time when I was in school.  I'm sure the moms out there probably laugh at my 42 minutes and think I'll learn when I have kids... time crunches make you faster, seriously!

Re: Time Saving Tips?

Wow, 42 min and you're out the door.  I honestly don't think I would ever be able to go that fast, especially if I were to shower in the morning.  It's true that time crunches can make you faster, but usually for me they just stress me out and make me screw up and then it ends up taking me longer.  If I had kids I would probably be crying in a corner most mornings!

Re: Time Saving Tips?


Re: Time Saving Tips?

That's so true about how we ultimately make time for what is important to us.  I get annoyed when people insist that they don't have time for something, when in reality they are choosing  to not use their time for that something (and that's ok, just see it for what it is).  I could definitely choose to get up much earlier on workday mornings, so as to give myself more time to do eye makeup, etc., but I choose not to, since it's more important to me to just take the time for a clean face, even complexion, and most importantly oil free face (for as long as possible throughout the day).  Having said that, I would like to get things done faster so as to possibly branch out and do more makeup during the week (and still have my dedicated sleep time).  I've found that I need 7 hrs of sleep in order to be at my best physically and mentally.  

Re: Time Saving Tips?

Oh, I'll do a 5-minute face if I have to, but I LOVE spending time lingering over my routine. Ideally with all those layers (serum, moisturizer, sunscreen, primer, foundation, powder) I like to wait for each layer to sink in before adding the next, which probably takes the longest time.


Then since I'm acne-prone and dealing with a lot of post-acne scarring, getting the layers of concealer and powder just right can also take a long time. Applying foundation and setting powder doesn't take too long but sometimes I just love the feel of a big fluffy brush on my skin. Smiley Happy


Then I really go to town with my eyes, that section could take half an hour just by itself or possibly even longer. I love to play with colors and textures!


So if it's a lazy day I absolutely do not mind spending hours on my routine.


The key to my 5-minute face is to take absolutely no risks and not play around with anything.  I only use stuff that I know will definitely work (like a mascara that doesn't smudge, eyeliner that I know ahead of time will stay put and is easy to apply.  And for eye colors stay neutral and simple.

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