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Thick long coarse hair

I have tried several hair products and nothing is able to tackle my hair. I have long hair, it reaches the tips of my shoulder blades, it is quite coarse, and it has two different textures [the upper bits being between wavy and straight, and the undercoat is curly/wavy(but it is stretched out because of my length) and coarse], as well as frizzy. It has split ends as well as a ton of dandruff. It might be damaged, I don't know. I've never met anyone who has similar hair to me, and I can't find any shampoos, conditioners, or products to take care of it. I found a treatment shampoo that takes care of my dandruff, but for everything else I'm at an impasse. I need some advice on what shampoos and conditioners might work for me. Also, do you know if thick almost "double coated" hair is common?

Re: Thick long coarse hair

It sounds like you need to just a get a really good hair cut and conditioning treatments for your scalp. You do have a lot going on it seems like a haircut would solve a lot of  your problems.

Re: Thick long coarse hair

I get enough haircuts, and they don't seem to do as much as they should. 

Re: Thick long coarse hair

Hi Foxinthesnow,


I have very thick hair myself and find that it gets oily quickly at the roots. Try using a gentle exfoliating treatment like the Ouidad, Mediterranean Bay Leaf Exfoliating Hair & Scalp Treatment.

It has a slight tingle and leaves your scalp feeling very clean and ready for styling!


Ouidad - Mediterranean Bay Leaf Exfoliating Hair & Scalp Treatment


I also recommend the Bumble and Bumble Gentle Shampoo and the Super Rich conditioner for your ends.


Bumble and bumble - Gentle Shampoo


Bumble and bumble - Super Rich Conditioner

If you still find that you are battling hard to treat dandruff you might want to visit your dermatologist, they might be able to better assist with some possible causes and treatments!

<3 Melissa

Re: Thick long coarse hair

Maybe you should consider going to a different stylist.

Re: Thick long coarse hair

Well what one considers thick differs. I can't quite make a suggestion since I don't fully understand your hair situation. The only thing that I can really tell you is go to a good quality salon and tell them what your concerns are about your hair. It's hard to make suggestions that can fully take care f your concerns with out seeing it. A good stylist is going to be able to help. If you try one and what they do doesn't address the issue you need to keep looking around. Because not every stylist thinks the same and has the same training and experience. Wand thick hair is very common. It's a hassle to have but it can be beautiful and manageable. 

Re: Thick long coarse hair

@arielaaaaaaaa- A good stylist is like a fairy god mother.Smiley Happy

Re: Thick long coarse hair

Yes, I agree! And a good client will brighten any stylist day! I personally love when after I'm done with a cut and color I can see they love it, and it makes me feel good overall. Especially when a client makes sure I know they love it! I love helping people feel beautiful. 


Re: Thick long coarse hair

Thanks for the ideas! I think these might help. 

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