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The perfect face wash, help!

I am in desperate need of new face wash, I have recently tried Purity by Philosophy and although I did love how well it took of my makeup, I did not see a dramatic change in my skin. I have as well tried Neutrogena's Pink Grapefruit wash but, it is something i can NOT use everyday for it dries out my skin. I like it, but again I have seen no change. I have a combination skin, though certain washes to tend to dry my skin. I would not consider myself a person with bad acne, just a young girl with bad breakouts :/.  I need a new face wash to clear up my skin, help please!

Re: The perfect face wash, help!

Purity did nothing for me either! I now use the boscia face wash. One pump and it works wonderful. I have used it for several years now and I have tried others and keep coming back to this one. It lasts for quite  a while as well. Worth the investment. Also do not forget to moisturize after washing. It is an essential part of good skincare. It helps keep the barrier between the germs and your pores so you limit what gets in your pores. 

Re: The perfect face wash, help!

I think cleansing is very important, but it might also be the other factors like skin care routine, makeup products, habits, etc. 

or even the cleansing routine. its very hard to expect a dramatic change from a cleanser though..


I personally love the Ren Cleansing balm and the Eve Lom's too. I used to only believe in and love cleansing oils, but these stuff are awesome. they really remove the makeup and cleanse deep within. the only thing I don't like about it is that its not as quick to use as the cleansing oils because I have to cover my face with damp cloth for a bit, wipe off, wash and wash the cloth... 

I do double cleansing, and I like using Kate Somerville's gentle cleanser 

Re: The perfect face wash, help!

Neutrogena's pink grapefruit is one of the worst cleansers because it has a drying detergent cleansing agent. Also, don't look for any face wash that claims to treat your acne just because it has salicylic acid. The acid doesn't sit on your skin long enough for it to make a difference. You're better off using a topical treatment. I like Clean & Clear Daily Pore Cleanser because it's a basic cleanser with tiny beads for gentle exfoliation. It gets all of my makeup off and it doesn't break me out. 

Re: The perfect face wash, help!

Try out Origins Checks and Balances Frothy Foam Wash.

It helps balance the oils and dryness in your skin.

Origins has the 1.7 oz. for $12 on their site if you just want to give it a try.

It has really made a major difference with my skin and acne. Good luck.

Re: The perfect face wash, help!

For me it took a while to see the difference with Purity.  I didn't like it for the first couple of weeks but after a while I fell in love.  I've found that the more simple the products are the better they work for my skin.  Because you are young then I would suggest Murad.  I love their products and so does my 15 year old daughter.  She doesn't have bad acne but when she gets a pimple, whoa it is huge.  Murad does the deed for her and her skin looks so much better for it.  I must get her into toner and a moisturizer with SPF though. 


Good Luck!

Re: The perfect face wash, help!

Anything you use will need time to work. Jojobe is right about moisturizing right after. I'd try Boscia for your skin. The black one is good for clearing breakouts. Their moisturizers are actually good too. You can also try Fresh products. 

Re: The perfect face wash, help!

I also love Boscia's Detoxifying Black Cleanser!  This cleanser has gotten along very well with my combination-oily skin, and leaves it clean without any tight or drying feeling.  


Re: The perfect face wash, help!

I adore EVE LOM Morning Time cleanser. It's much more user friendly than the original one. For night time, I'm a fan of Boscia's Black Detoxifying one but I'll be now testing the new Kiehl's deep cleansing wash with Calendula - hope it's great!


Check out my blog post on EVE LOM's cleanser if you want. Thanks and good luck in your search!



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