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The balm?

Has anybody tried any products by TheBalm? If so, which products and whats your opinion on them? I've been looking into a couple of things by them Smiley Happy 

Re: The balm?

I have a little set by them with an eyeshadows and a lip gloss and I like them. Their eyeshadows are comparable to Stilas imo. The gloss was really yummy smelling, like a strawberry banana smoothie. The color was pretty as well. I was happy with my purchases and the price point was good. 

Re: The balm?

I've recently discovered this brand and have really liked everything I've purchased! 


The Nude Tude palette is awesome.  There's this one perfect taupe sparkle eyeshadow in it.  I like it even better than the Urban Decay nakeds, and that's saying something. 


I also like the Down Boy blush.  It's a nice pink, but not too light or too dark, not too crazy.  I apply it with a fan brush to get just a little bit, and it looks really good.


And finally the best highlighter I think I've ever tried is the Mary Lou Manizer.  It's the perfect amount of shimmer without being shimmer shimmer shimmer.  It's just the right amount of warmth and lightness for me.


I love all of their cute names and packaging.  All in all, I do really like the brand.  They were on Haute Look a while ago and I wish I'd bought a ton, but talked myself out of it.  I ended up getting just the eyeshadow palette, but then I went to Kohls to buy the other items I'd been looking at.  I still wish Sephora sold their stuff again.

Re: The balm?

Mary Lou-Manizer is an amazing highlighter! Especially if you want to buy multiple items, I would try to wait for them to be on Hautelook. They are on there every couple of months at least. I bought a few things and they were all half off!

Re: The balm?

Sephora used to sell TheBalm products, and they were quite popular, actually. But, for some reason, they discontinued selling them. Their Down Boy and Hot Mama blush are awesome! Also, I have their nude tude palette, it has some great colors in it, I just used it today actually! Definitely give those a try. Oh...and Mary Lou Manizer is great too...if you are needing one. Smiley Happy

Re: The balm?

I only have on thing from them, The Balm Voyage palette. Very pigmented colors, I like it. I don't often wear brights, so I don't use it much, but they have plenty of other palettes I've considered, like Meet Matt(e) etc. 

Re: The balm?

Another vote for Hot Mama blush.  I prefer it to Nars Orgasm.

And their double ended brushes.  You don't hear people talking about them, but I have the eye brushes and prefer them over any brush I have.

Re: The balm?

I have the Shady Lady Vol. 1 and 2 palettes and I love them! Smiley Happy I prefer 1 over 2. But they are really pigmented and lovely to work with. I want to try all the Lou-Manizers but I'm waiting until theBalm comes back on Hautelook. Smiley Happy

Re: The balm?

I really like their Instain blushes. I hear a lot about hot mama, but I've only tried the Instain ones (in Swiss Dot, a peach color).  I got it in my birchbox or ipsy subscription and it was the only product that I really loved from either of them.  As you can probably guess, it's a staining blush so it's long wearing.  Swiss dot is very pigmented so I only have to use a tiny, tiny amount which has made the sample last a very long time.  I want to get houndstooth and argyle at least, and I'm going to grab them as soon as I can get a good deal on them.

Re: The balm?

I personally love the concealer and the lipgloss- I had a pink lemonade scented one that was amazing, colorful and not sticky. 


The concealers are nice too, very pigmented and provide great coverage! I wish we had more still available for sale. Smiley Sad 

Luv&Lipgloss, Diana
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