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Sunscreen Suggestions :)

Okay so I just learned I need sunscreen even for just riding in the car....who knew? Not me. 


Okay so I have a body sunscreen I absolutely love that smells like raspberries and candy that at I will be wearing for my body now Smiley Happy


but out I need major suggestions and questions answered for my face sunscreen.


1. Is it best to use a facial sunscreen separate from make up and moisturizer or will those work just as well?


2. I think I have acne prone skin, I haven't seen a derm yet (appointment scheduled) but I do break out pretty easily. i have somewhere in between normal to oily skin I assume. And I want something that doesn't smell like sunscreen. I hate that chemically scent. If it is a seperate sunscreen or moisturizer with sunscreen I want it to be something that will work nicely with makeup not something think gross and oily that will make my face feel clogged and make up slip off. Any suggestions?


3. What else does your suggestions do? What about the product or sunscreen makes you love it so much other than it just protecting your skin?

Re: Sunscreen Suggestions :)

For face, either use a face lotion with the bare minimum of SPF 15 or an actual sunscreen. The SPF in make up won't really be of use as hardly anyone uses enough make up to get the SPF factor advertised. You need at least 1/3 of a teaspoon of lotion/sunscreen to get the labeled SPF level.


For acne prone skin, choose an oil free formula that's more of a fluid or milk rather than a traditional lotion or sunscreen texture. Kate Somerville's Waterlight SPF 50 and La Roche Posay are excellent places to start. The formulas are light weight, don't have a lingering scent, and offer broad spectrum protection. The KS one is a mineral based sunscreen, while LRP offer mineral and chemical based options if you have a preference.


Since you layer make up over your lotion with SPF or sunscreen, to reapply, choose a powdered sunscreen. Peter Thomas Roth and Color Science make some that are tinted and translucent. This way you can still get SPF protection without slathering skin in lotion/sunscreen and ruining make up.


Sunscreen does break down so reapplication is key. Let us know how often you're in the sun and we can give further details on how and when to reapply!

Re: Sunscreen Suggestions :)

I usually have about a 15min ride to and from church. My typically daily sun is from the sun through the car windows. Wether it be a 15min drive to work or church or running errands for a few hours. 


Every once in awhile I get some real sun for long periods of time when my boyfriend has his football games or tournaments so I could be outside for awhileee during the day.

Re: Sunscreen Suggestions :)

Gotcha, if you're not in constant sun for prolonged periods of time, no need to go crazy slathering it on every hour. Keep some handy in your purse and apply some before a drive and you should be good. If you're out during your bf's games, reapply every 90 minutes if you're not sweating. If you are sweating and in the sun, reapply about 45-60 minutes in.

Re: Sunscreen Suggestions :)

Sweet! Thank you! Your advice truely is the best!

Re: Sunscreen Suggestions :)

You're welcome! I'm happy to help and you are too kind!

Re: Sunscreen Suggestions :)

The best face sunblock I have tried so far is Neutrogena Age Shield face lotion. It absorbs a little better than most other sunblocks & doesn't leave as much of a slimy, shiny residue. I use SPF 110 but they make lower grades too. I don't remember if it has a scent or not.


If you prefer unscented sunscreen, try sunscreens made for sensitive skin or babies. These are often zinc oxide based and will leave a bit of a white tint on your skin. They also usually cause breakouts.


Be aware that any sunscreen will leave a residue and will not work well under makeup. That's just the nature of sunscreen.


There are many cosmetic & skincare products with SPF built in but the sun protection is often much sheerer than with actual sunscreen lotions.

Most Bare Minerals products, for example, have at least SPF 15.


Personally I just wear long gloves and perhaps a scarf if I must drive for long periods during daylight hours. Luckily that hardly ever happens in my life.

Anyway, hope that helps.

Re: Sunscreen Suggestions :)

I thought more people got breakouts from chemical sunscreen, not mineral. 

Re: Sunscreen Suggestions :)

Incorrect. Zinc oxide is a less irritating ingredient (which is why it is used in sunscreens made for babies, children and adults with sensitive skin), but those type of sunscreens tend to be very heavy and are notorious pore cloggers.

Re: Sunscreen Suggestions :)

You know what's funny, that's what I heard mostly too, but since being in BT, I've come across more folks that are allergic or sensitive to mineral sunscreens and prefer chemical!

Re: Sunscreen Suggestions :)

I would suggest a mineral based sunscreen ie. zinc oxide/titanium dioxide)  in your favorite texture, ie. gel with a minimum of SPF 15

. I like Peter Thomas Roth sunscreens SPF 30 there's no gel form

The Kate Somerville one mentioned  might be a good option. I haven't tried it yet so can't give you my experience of it.

If you prefer some thing a bit more budget friendly Neutrogena & Olay make some decent ones.


Hope this helps.

Re: Sunscreen Suggestions :)

I was given a suggestion by my derm- antehelios by la Roche posay. Derm said to use a high SPF like 50 or 60. you can get antehelios at walgreens or cvs. It's a little expensive but Iove, love it! It is a thin fluid instead of a lotion so it works perfect with make up and no sunscreen smell! My derm recommended it cuz I have 1 small scar on my face as well as some sun damage. This also is a primer and helps with fine lines- it just depends which type you get. I feel like this is a holy grail product - my face looks better and I know I have the SPF coverage I need! 





Re: Sunscreen Suggestions :)

So I just looked it up and I am seeing a variety of them. Which one do you use?

Re: Sunscreen Suggestions :)

I use the ANTHELIOS 50 Mineral Ultra Light Sunscreen Fluid or the ANTHELIOS 50 DAILY ANTI-AGING PRIMER WITH SUNSCREEN. I have a different primer so I like the first one better. 

Re: Sunscreen Suggestions :)

Another vote for La Roche Posay here. My derm put me onto it years ago when I first did Obagi and some light peels. I tend to switch back and forth between that and the La Vanilla sun block which is more of a physical block using zinc and titanium. Both have a whitish finish to them. 


One tip. Whatever you use or plan on using check them out on the EWG dot org website to see what their ingredients are like and how good or bad they might be. They have a really great rating system on their site and break down the ingredients and rate them for you and tell you why they are bad. A lot of sunscreen contain ingredients that are known for endocrine disruption or will mess with your body on a cellular level in other ways. 


Re: Sunscreen Suggestions :)

Thank you! Super helpful!

Re: Sunscreen Suggestions :)

I want to comment on La Roche Posay. I have the SPF 50 primer one. It's nice for oily skin because it is mattifying and not greasy, but it is on the heavy side and does smell like sunscreen. I am thinking about trying one of their fluid ones, the tinted one, the white one does leave a white case.


You know what you would LOVE? Well, maybe, because of your scented body spf. Look into the brand "Coola". They were introduced to me through birchbox. I tried the lotion spf 30 (although they have a just suscreen matte spf 30 too). Smells like cucumbers. Its so refreshing. I like the moisturizer, it does look a little "shiny" (like some moisturizers do) but it doesn't feel suffocating at all on the skin.


Unfortunately Coola and La Roche Posay are expensive. I haven't looked into the feel or texture yet but I hear a good cheaper option is Neutrogena and they have high SPFs.

Re: Sunscreen Suggestions :)

Yeah, I tried the primer, and that one does smell more like sunscreen, their actual sunscreens/fluids are super light though!

Re: Sunscreen Suggestions :)

I like the Boscia Oil Free SPF 15 with moisturizer because it helps oiliness as well as minimizes the appearance of pores. A lot of other sunscreens I have tried make my skin more oily and acne prone. 

Re: Sunscreen Suggestions :)

I use Skin Ceuticals sunscreens.  Have used them for many years.  They also just reformulated them not too long ago, and they are much lighter in consistency.


My physician also recommends wearing sunscreen in the house!  Enough light gets in from uncovered windows, shutters, shades, etc., to cause a cumulative negative effect. 



Re: Sunscreen Suggestions :)

Seriously?? Man.... the crazy things I learn from BT.

Re: Sunscreen Suggestions :)

LOL! Yes, he is dead serious about it since he treats a lot of patients with cumulative sun damage.  

Re: Sunscreen Suggestions :)

think I'll survive if I just close all my blinds in my house instead? Lol

Re: Sunscreen Suggestions :)

I never had much of skincare routine, but as long as I can remember I've been putting sunscreen on my face every single morning. 

Doesn't matter if it's raining, snowing, hurricane... it's on. 

I keep a PTR SPF brush in my car for touchups. When I worked nights, I always put SPF on my face before I drove out of the parking garage at the end of my shift. 

I think it's from all the Cosmo, Allure, Glamour... I read as a young teen Smiley Wink 

Re: Sunscreen Suggestions :)

Which PTR brush do you use for touch ups. I was looking at the 2 on sephora and I can't decide between them

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