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Sunday Riley Luna Sleep Oil


I just had a simple question I am hoping one of you could answer, I recently was in the store and got a sample of the Sunday Riley Luna sleeping oil. I have never used it before,

but in the little packet which you tear open, it feels like its powder and like.. little balls! and on the product information, its obviously an oil, So i'm confused as to how to use the sample, and I'm terrified to open the packet and like.. waste it, because I've wanted to try this brand for so long!

and the directions on the packet are the same as for the product and I guarantee you this sample is like a powder not an oil,


Any help at all please! thank you!!

Re: Sunday Riley Luna Sleep Oil

  @adnama023 I'm no expert but SR Luna is not supposed to feel hard or like little balls! Maybe it's expired? I own the full size and had two of the "deluxe" sizes when they did the promo a year ago and none of them were hard at all. I suggest going back to Sephora and seeing if they can give you samples of the oil in some of those little jars instead of giving you foils that could potentially not be good for use anymore...


Re: Sunday Riley Luna Sleep Oil

Right! okay thank you, because I'm not Kidding I feel powder, and then like.. you know those blushes and bronzers that are like balls? like the pearl ones? that's what the balls feel like, But you're definitely right, its not worth it to try, I'll just go back thanks girl!

Re: Sunday Riley Luna Sleep Oil

@adnama023 I know exactly what Luna Sample you're referring to because we had them at our local store.

what you are feeling IS NOT the Luna oil, it's the packet that is put inside of the sample pouch to keep the Luna oils from getting too much moisture.  They're small and whiteish/grayish and are yes, small little balls.


inside of the sample pouch, there should have been 2 small blue capsules which you twist off their tops to drop out the Luna oil. 


Your sample pouch probably looked different than what's pictured above (it was just a small pouch, not one that opened up) but the capsules inside are the same (although there are only two).


Re: Sunday Riley Luna Sleep Oil

THANK YOU SO MUCH! Im glad you got it lol, I was thinking like omg there is no way im going to be able to explain this over the internet with out sounding insane!

Re: Sunday Riley Luna Sleep Oil

Unless you got your Luna oil samples in capsules

like these
which you twist open to get the oil inside....

Yup, it's a blue oil. It should look like this: 

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