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Stylist Must-Haves

Recently I've been given the opportunity to work as stylist (hair AND makeup) for some professional shoots. The problem is that I've never had any actual cosmetology classes, so I feel kind of at a loss. I pulled some shoots off while maintaining an appearance of professionalism, getting off on natural talent alone, but I felt my supplies looked a tad...embarrassing. I bought a few new supplies for the shoot but ended up needing to use some materials from my personal collection (which, obviously, is unprofessional and less than sanitary.) Luckily, I knew the model well, and no one seemed to notice; but I realized that if I were to make any kind of career out of this, I would need to start accumulating the right tools. What are the stylist MUST-HAVE tools and other materials I need to have to feel confident when I walk into a professional shoot? What brushes, makeup and colors, and other tools can I not go without? I'm slowly learning, but quickly would be awesome. Smiley Happy Thank you!

Hi Lalagirl1995,   Ohh man!  There are so many great prod...

Hi Lalagirl1995,


Ohh man!  There are so many great products to start you out with!  I would spring for a few staple eye shadows (a color palette of some kind an an neutral palette, a brush set, maybe some foundations, and some highlighting/contouring products.  We do have the new BlockBuster Palette, that might be a great starter Smiley Happy  I've invested almost $2000+ on my professional kit, but if you book a couple gigs, you can make that back in no time!

SEPHORA COLLECTION - Artist Color Box Makeup Palette

SEPHORA COLLECTION - Prestige Luxe Brush Set


Best of luck on your new career!


xo, Mia

Re: Hi Lalagirl1995,   Ohh man!  There are so many great prod...

Thank you for your response. Smiley Happy I'm pretty covered on neutral eyeshadows, I have some nice foundation (I need some for darker skin, though); highlighting and contouring covered; I have foundation, blush, and eyeshadow and eyeshadow crease brushes covered; and I have the Smashbox Master Class Palette 2. (That's the stuff I have only used for the shoots and not personal use.) What I was looking for were some more specifics. What other types of brushes do you NEED? What types of eyeliners do makeup artists keep on hand? Eyebrows? Lipstick? Like, if I had nothing and had a shoot tomorrow, what would I NEED on hand? I just want to feel...complete. Make sense?

Thats a great start!  I have a 3 sets high definition cre...

Thats a great start!  I have a 3 sets high definition cream foundations that are amazing, which I usually set with MUFE Foundation Powders.    Some lip varieties, individual tester wands (mascara and lip) and some eyelashes would also be great additions to your kit Smiley Happy  Basically a duplicate set of your own collection, when you think about it!

Re: Stylist Must-Haves

1. Makeup Sponge


2. Powder Brush


3. Blusher Brush


4. Eyeshadow Brush


5. Eyebrow Tweezers


6. Eyeshadow Sponge


7. All-in-one eyelash brush/comb


8. Lip brush


9. Eyelash curlers


Re: Stylist Must-Haves

Thank you VERY MUCH for this list. It's a great, simple list that I can check off as I continue collecting items. And I never thought to bring tweezers! Now I'll make sure to include those, too. Smiley Happy

Re: Stylist Must-Haves

Everything @tashalicious said and don't forget brush cleaner, paper towels, hand sanitizer, sanitizing wipes, etc to keep everything clean. I don't know if it is necessary but a mixing palette and spatula can come in handy as well, especially when you find yourself having to mix foundation for a custom shade. Disposable spoolies are great too because they have so many uses.

Re: Stylist Must-Haves

Thank you for your suggestions! I have never had anyone suggest getting a mixing palette and spatula before, so it hadn't even crossed my mind. This is definitely something I'll put on my list. And I'm glad you listed some sanitizing supplies because I could NOT think of all the items I'd need to keep everything clean. I was pretty much scrambling. I'll be much better prepared next time. Thank you again!

Re: Stylist Must-Haves

I'm going to suggest going to classes and get your license,no it isn't necessary to have a license to work but what you learn in beyond valuable. Also hair isn't an easy task, I started a cosmo course in a vo-tech school recently and it is much more difficult that I had imagined. This is not an easy and you need to be at your best all the time you don't know who knows who and where that could get you.

Get tons of combs of all different sorts, brushes and curling and flat irons, along with mannequin heads you can practice on.Perms are a big thing for my class right now(they are a pain) so make sure you have some rollers if you plan to do any.  If you can find a school in your area go get your hair done or nails and talk to the student who is working on you.

Re: Stylist Must-Haves

Oh, thank you so much for your suggestions! No one I know has any clue what I should buy to be prepared for the hair portion of the look. I've got all kinds of hot styling tools (multiple curling irons, wands, and three-barreled curling irons in different sizes), but knowing what you need to create prom looks is different from knowing what you'll need to seem professional at a shoot. Your insight has been QUITE valuable. I'll certainly look up classes in my area, since I'm moving to a new state in a week or two, and I'll invest in more brushes, combs, and rollers. And I'll be sure to get a mannequin head, since practice DEFINITELY makes perfect. Thank you SO MUCH. Your response really did help me tons. <3 I hope you have a SPLENDID Friday and weekend.
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