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Strange hair!

i feel like i've been posting on here way too much, but i saw a post earlier and i lost it, but it was excally me!

ive realized that the top of my head near my scalp is more oily, but the rest of my hair is dry and brittle, i end up washing my hair everyday because i hate how the top looks oily, what do you guys reccomend for this? 


maybe a dry shampoo?

Re: Strange hair!

Hi Annonymous1 That was exactly how my hair was before I started using Wen. A dry shampoo can help with the oily roots, but if your hair is like mine was the ends will still be dry. Wen has made it so my hair is more balanced, so I can go a day without washing and my hair looks the same as it did the day before.

Re: Strange hair!

I LOVE the WEN products.  I'm using the Tea Tree formula right now and it is magical.

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