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Something New

I am looking for a new everyday scent. My current favs include Marc Jacobs Daisy, Coach Poppy and Versace Bright Crystal. Can you recommend similiar (but still a little different) frangrances?



Re: Something New

Hi discontinued,


Sounds like you like florals Smiley Happy. Gucci's Flora would certainly fit into your family of favorites. It has a sweet fresh enchanted scent that is romantic, but still playful.


Gucci - Flora By Gucci - Gorgeous Gardenia


Another good option is Miss Dior, which is subtle yet has a very hip but classic quality. What I like most about Miss Dior is that it's perfectly sutable for both the day and evening.


Dior - Miss Dior Eau de Parfum

Whimsically yours,

Re: Something New

I have the original Gucci Flora...LOVE IT!!!  Perfect for a night out. I know they have a couple differnts Floras any particular one you recommend. Someone else recommended Gucci II, but its a little pricey. What are your thoughts?

Re: Something New

Hi Discontinued-


I have DOT and Gucci Flora and I really like them both. The one that Janine recommended is the Flora Gorgeous Gardenia, which is a bit lighter and would be a good scent for summer/spring. We currently have a cute limited edition gift set:


Have you also tried Oh Lola? It's a lovely sweet floral scent:

Raspberry, Vanilla, Peony, Pear, Cyclaman.


<3 Melissa

Re: Something New

Yes I love love love love Oh! Lola. I have the rollerball

Re: Something New

Love it! I have it in the 1oz size. It's one of my favs as wellSmiley Happy

<3 Melissa

Re: Something New

I love Tendre and the Eau Frachie from Chanel, the DOT from Marc Jacobs and the Coach Poppy Flower. Hope this helps!

Re: Something New

Looks like we have similar taste! Im buying tgay Gorgeous Gardenia set NOW!!!! Thanks for the recommendation. BTW do you like Gucci II?? 

Re: Something New

Yes! It sounds like we doSmiley Happy I thought that one was a bit strong for me. I do like the Flora By Gucci Eau Fraîche! Also, you might like the DKNY Be Delicious Fresh Blossom.

<3 Melissa

Re: Something New

The fragrance from Marchesa is really nice! It's a floral, so it'll fall in line with Daisy and Poppy. It has lotus in it as well like Versace's BC.


I got a sample of it in my last order and was really surprised and blown away at how clean and elegant it was.


The use of violet, lotus, jasmine, and iris keep the scent very pure, not heavy or musky at all, so it's great for day or night! It'll smell a touch different than the 3 scents you have, but again, since it's a floral you'll still be comfortable wearing it and it's not a super far departure from those you love.


I felt it was a super elegant and had a lot of charm!

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