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Skincare routine

I have recently been trying to find a new skincare routine.. I have purchased a Clarisonic Mia 2 within the past couple months and I am loving it, but I haven't found the right cleanser to go along with it.  I have oily skin and mild-moderate acne.  I am looking for any and all suggestions: Cleanser, moisturizer/oils, treatment, etc.  Thanks all! Smiley Happy

Re: Skincare routine

What products are you currently using? 

Re: Skincare routine

I am currently using Mario Badescu acne cleanser and Purity one-step cleanser, usually one in the morning and one at night, both with my Clarisonic, and then Olay oil free moisturizer for sensitive skin.  At night I also use the Mario Badescu drying lotion as a spot treatment.  I also have been using PanOxyl 4% cleanser about once a week - this is way too drying to use on a regular basis, but it seems to work the best at clearing the acne.

Re: Skincare routine

All three cleansers contain sulfates, which are lathering agents/soaps which can strip skin of essential oil needed to stay balanced and hydrated. Sulfates can be quite harsh on skin and when paired with acne based fighting ingredients, might be overwhelming. The MB acne cleanser is reliant on salicylic acid, which is effective in combating oil and blemishes as it helps to regulate oil and also dissolve sebum trapped within pores, the PO 4% cleanser is reliant on benzoyl peroxide, which works to combat blemishes by introducing oxygen into pores to "open" them up, making it easier to rid and remove impurities trapped. Though both of these ingredients can be drying enough on their own, when used in conjunction with one another it can be extra overwhelming to skin. Due to how BP operates, with skin and pores so open and in such a vulnerable state, not getting enough moisture leaves skin to the elements and can easily dry out quicker. 


How many blemishes do you get per month on average? Are they more of red/swollen blemishes, black heads, or whiteheads (or even a mix)?


You might consider using a face wash designed for ridding skin of oil rather than combating acne AND ridding oil if it's not severe acne. Boscia's Black Detox cleanser is a gel based cleanser (great for breaking down oil quicker than creamy washes) that utilizes charcoal to draw out oil and impurities and artichoke extract to strengthen pores (as enlarged/problematic pores tends to follow suit with oily skin). This cleanser will help regulate oil and cleanse skin effectively while lending a hand to helping rid acne, but not target acne directly but rather the factors that can contribute and make acne worse, thus allowing it to be more gentle, plus it's sulfate free.

Re: Skincare routine

I usually have about 5 blemishes on average at any given point in time.  Most of my blemishes start out as a red/swollen blemish and then transition to a whitehead.  I do also have blackheads on my nose and the inner part of the cheeks surrounding the nose.  What would you recommend to moisturize after using the Boscia cleanser?

Re: Skincare routine

If your blemishes tend to fall into the red/swollen and whitehead category, you can still utilize the Murad gel (SA will target and treat these well without being as drying as sulfur) for the red/swollen blemishes and the MB Drying Lotion/Murad Spot Treatment (sulfur) for the whiteheads as this will at least rid the pustular factor quicker for you.


Five blemishes on average wouldn't deemed enough to launch into a full out acne-regimen attach, so I would stick with my recommendation of the Boscia cleanser (again, gentle and formulated to tackle what can contribute to blemishes without jumping off the deep end right off the bat), the blemishes you do get can be dealt with more effectively with spot treatment/target treatment products rather than an all over item like a cleanser.


For oily skin you can still utilize the Murad Oil Free Mattifier lotion in the day as it does contain SPF, if you find you need something more hydrating, try Dr. Jart's Water Sure Gel, it's light weight in texture, making it friendly for oily skin, but packs a punch with hyaluronic acid, a humectant that binds moisture to skin from the atmosphere without using heavy or greasy feeling ingredients. If you don't necessarily need the mattifying effects of Murad's lotion, try Bocia's Oil-Free Daily Hydration SPF 15, silica and burdock root do help maintain and regulate shine, but it's not as heavy duty on the mattifying effect like the Murad one. If you end up using the Dr. Jart for the day, or any moisturizer without SPF in the morning, layer a thin, fluid like sunscreen like Kate Somerville's Waterlight SPF 50 over it to still get UV protection. The Kate Somerville formula is light weight, does help to mattify, and is a mineral based sunscreen (the white cast when it's first applied does fade away, just be sure to blend and work product on skin), it can also be layered of Boscia's Black Detox gel moisturizer (if you like the texture of gel-based moisturizers).

Re: Skincare routine

When I started college, my normal skin actually turned quite oily and I started breaking out. Saw dermatologists, tried prescription pills, prescription creams, you name it. Eventually I found the PERFECT cleanser, and I have been using it ever since. I'm 25 now and still use it every day.


Try Skyn Iceland- Glacial Face Wash. It is really rich and cream, works into a nice lather, leaves skin squeaky clean and soothes redness and irritation from acne. I also have the Clarisonic Mia 2, but because my skin is no longer oily, I only use it in the summer for an extra deep clean. Try it with this face feels amazing!


I would suggest using an exfoliator of some sort, as it is very important to keep acne-ridden skin exfoliated as much as possible. It will get rid of bacteria-ridden dead skin cells that sit on the surface of your skin, which congest pores even more and prevent treatments/products from sinking into your skin.


Try Origins- Modern Friction a few times a week. I am not currently using this, but have used it before during breakouts and really liked it. Plus, you can never go wrong with Origins products. I also really love Guinot Paris- Gommage Biologique Radiance Peeling Gel; I use this every day and absolutely love it!


A really great face oil would be good for you also because it will balance out your skin's natural oil production. Sounds like your skin is producing too much oil, causing oily skin/breakouts, so usually applying a gentle non-pore-clogging oil will keep your skin from over-producing it's own oils. I LOVE Clarins- Lotus Face Treatment Oil. This is actually formulated for people with acne problems, but will still keep your skin nice and hydrated. Apply this over your daily/nightly moisturizer.


Origins- Zero Oil is a great moisturizer for mild acne because it is hydrating but also contains gentle acne-treating properties that will work to fight existing pimples all day long without over-drying your skin. I would use this in combination with the lotus oil. Sounds funny to use an oil-reducing moisturizer followed by an oil, but this actually a very effective combination of products!


Another great moisturizer is DERMAdoctor- Calm Cool and Corrected. Addresses a number of skin problems, but for you it would soothe any redness/irritation from your acne, prevent future blemishes by keeping skin balanced, and is a great hydrating anti-aging cream.


For an amazing overnight spot treatment, I haven't found anything better than Mario Badescu- Drying Lotion. Apply with a Q-tip, and be careful not to shake the bottle because you want the clear liquid to stay separated from the pink solution. In addition to its acne-fighting ingredients, this contains calamine lotion (used to treat poison ivy and other rashes), which instantly reduces any redness, irritation, or puffiness that usually come along with acne and make blemishes look even worse than they are.


*If you try these and don't like them, or don't find them effective enough, let me know. I have a lot of other recommendations for you- these are just my personal favorites.


Re: Skincare routine

I have the Mario Badescu drying lotion and I absolutely love it! Thanks for all of the other recommendations, I am definitely going to have to look into everything and try them out!  I, too, have seen a dermatologist and been on prescription medications and numerous topicals within the past 10 years, but nothing has completely resolved my acne.

Re: Skincare routine

It's funny how those prescriptions do next to nothing for most people. I think for the vast majority of people who have acne from time to time are much better off just investing in some good skincare products; the prescriptions seem to be only meant for chronic sufferers. For people with occasional acne from stress, hormones, the environments, etc., the prescriptions seem to only dry up skin, which usually causes more acne! Ugh!


Since it sounds like you already have a few Mario Badescu products in your arsenal, I would also try Mario Badescu's Glycolic Acid Toner. I swear by this stuff! Glycolic acid can do wonders for mild acne sufferers, but it also treats about a million other skin ailments, which is great. It keeps skin exfoliated, buffs away any scars/marks leftover from old blemishes, and promotes cell-turnover, which will help your acne clear up a lot faster. Great anti-aging benefits too. (You are never too young to start using good anti-aging products!)


Re: Skincare routine

Hi Rooney0215,


I highly recommend trying the Boscia Detoxifying Black Cleanser. This cleanser has really helped minimize my breakouts and truly controls how much oil my skin produces. It's terrific!


In terms of a good moisturizer, you may want to try Dior's Hydra Life Pro-Youth Sorbet Crème. It is the perfect moisturizer for oily skin. It will help hydrate your skin, but it is oil-free and won't cause additional breakouts. It is a light gel consistency, so it feels very soothing when I apply to my skin. Smiley Happy




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