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Skincare question?

I need some help, i've never been big on skincare, but i usually wash my face everynight with purity gel and then use neutrogena sensative skin moisterizer, 

recently within the past week i bought some Murad anti blemish wipes, and the anti blemish lotion to go along with it. i've been using them in the morning before my makeup and whenever my skin feels oily ill use the wipes. and my skin never really breaks out but i've broken out alot more when using the murad products?


i've asked a couple people and maybe its because im switching to new products? or am i having a reaction from murad? 


thank you guys in advance Smiley Happy

Re: Skincare question?

Yes i went today and the lady gave me a little sample of that, i'm just trying to see before i use it if the murad is effecting my skin adversley because if it is i don't wanna keep using murad products Smiley Sad

Re: Skincare question?

So are you using the Murad wipes with the Purity gel cleanser and the anti-blemish lotion or just the wipes and the anti-blemish lotion?


Re: Skincare question?

She also made mention of the Neutrogena lotion.


To Annonymous1, could you give us a run down of your AM and your PM routine? It can help clarify what products are used when.

Re: Skincare question?

Am routine would basically be i wake up, use the anti blemish wipes and then wash my face with purity, and then i use the skin perfecting lotion after and then start with my makeup.


Pm would basically be the same thing, without applying makeup after. 


But i replaced the neutrogena lotion for the murad lotion because the lady and sephora told me it would be smarter to use the line as a whole instead of just a couple products

Re: Skincare question?

And how many products she is or isn't using.Smiley Happy

Re: Skincare question?

If your skin doesn't really break out, I think you might not need the Murad wipes and they might be adversely affecting your skin. I have really acne-prone skin and break out all the time, and I've used the Murad line before and it just aggravated my breakouts because all the products were so drying.


I just took a look at the wipes you're talking about. They don't appear to have salicylic acid, but they do have witch hazel and alcohol in them, which can be really drying to your skin, especially if your skin isn't used to anti-acne and anti-oil products. What could be happening is that the wipes dry out your skin, your skin isn't used to it and tries to produce more oil to combat the dryness, and the extra oil is causing the sebum to clog up your pores and break you out. 


On the flip side, if you've only been using the wipes for a week or so, your skin might just be adjusting. I'd give the wipes another week or two if you really want to keep on using them, and if you're still breaking out, discontinue.

Re: Skincare question?

yeah its been about a week now, and it has appeared to clear up mostly its not really making me breakout as bad so hopefully it will stay that way

Re: Skincare question?

@annonymous1- I would definitely nor be using the wipes and the purity cleanser together I just think it's too much and could be causing the breakouts. All of the things your using together is probably what is breaking out your skin. Hope this helps!

Re: Skincare question?

its been a week today and my skin has gotten MUCH better, the pimples i think it was honestly just my skin adjusting, i'm like the murad alot now especially the skin perfection lotion because it smells really good just murad products are expensive lol


so far everything is getting much better i'm just bieng patient with it

Re: Skincare question?

I use the purity gel cleanser as well. LOVE it! I have bad skin texture that has been preventing any kind of face makeup from absorbing and on top of that I accidentally over-exfoliated 3 weeks ago and my skin has been a bit peely. I started using Purity a little over a week ago and bought it in a kit with Take A Deep Breath oil free moisturizer. Great combination! I have combination skin (dry cheeks and chin, oily nose and forehead. Take A Deep Breath does a great job of moisturizing the dry patches while not causing excess oil in the oily zones. In the little over a week I've been using these products together I've noticed better skin texture, better coloring, brighter skin and ZERO blemishes. They sell them in a kit at Philosophy and Ulta. Surprisingly, Sephora has not started selling this kit and only sells the products separately for like $15-$20 more than the bundled kit.

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