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Skincare question?

I need some help, i've never been big on skincare, but i usually wash my face everynight with purity gel and then use neutrogena sensative skin moisterizer, 

recently within the past week i bought some Murad anti blemish wipes, and the anti blemish lotion to go along with it. i've been using them in the morning before my makeup and whenever my skin feels oily ill use the wipes. and my skin never really breaks out but i've broken out alot more when using the murad products?


i've asked a couple people and maybe its because im switching to new products? or am i having a reaction from murad? 


thank you guys in advance Smiley Happy

Re: Skincare question?

Is your skin acneic or blemish prone? If so, would you say you get anywhere from 1-12 pimples a month or 12-15+? If you break out on occassion or during your cycle, your skin may not be acneic, this the Murad wipes may be too strong for your skin as it may not need the dose of salicylic acid if there's no actual acne to treat.


Aside from the Purity gel and Neutrogena lotion, give us some more details in terms of your skin type, any allergies or sensitivities, and if you have any personal preferences (ex: paraben free, frangrance free, etc).

Re: Skincare question?

it isent really acne prone every now and then ill get the occasional blemish, but it is oily if i dont wash it every morning and night it does make me breakout more, my skin is also somewhat sensative, and i have mild rosecea on my cheeks


Re: Skincare question?

I'll be up front and say I've not gone over to the Murad page to read about their wipes, but, in general, WIPES ARE A NO-NO.  You need to thoroughly CLEANSE your face.  Doing so involves water to effectively remove the dirt and oil.  Otherwise, you just smear it all around and/or leave behind a layer of chemicals that can be irritating.  Murad is awesome, but I'd recommend their Time Release Cleanser instead of what you're using.  

Re: Skincare question?

I don't want to contradict you, but wipes have their place- especially if they're used to remove makeup prior to cleansing (which is what they're really designed to do).  Most cleaners are not also meant to specifically remove makeup- so you do need both products. Unfortunately, many people only do one or the other.

Re: Skincare question?

Agreed with Starletta8- wipes are not a replacement for washing your face, simply another step in the process.  If you don't use wipes, you should still wash your face twice, once to remove makeup and a second time to really clean your face.


Re: Skincare question?

Yes, but unfortunately MOST people that use wipes are starting to use them as their ONLY source of cleansing.  The milk formula I use melts all traces of makeup away, so I don't find any left to cleanse again when my cotton pads come back spotless.  That's just me and my products, though.


Still, the word needs to get out that wipes are for convenience and not as a SOLE product to cleanse.

Re: Skincare question?

The original poster did state she uses the Purity gel cleanser and just recently moreso started with the wipes.

Re: Skincare question?

Yes i do use the wipes pre cleaning my face with the purity, to make sure the purity takes off whatever the wipes didnt

Re: Skincare question?

That's exactly how they're meant to be used!

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